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Strong and positive signal needed in Afghanistan's anti-corruption efforts: donors

International donors on Thursday expressed deep concern about the slowdown in Afghanistan's ant-corruption efforts, as recently reported by the United Nations.
Strong and positive signal needed in Afghanistan
The Ambassadorial Anti-Corruption Group in a statement said that addressing widespread corruption is crucial for sustainable peace and prosperity in Afghanistan and that the upcoming peace talks require all parties to demonstrate their commitment to integrity, accountability and the rule of law by concrete actions rather than polarization through mutual accusations of corrupt practices.
It said that lack of effective investigation and prosecutions, in particular of high-level suspects, is worrisome, and urged through investigation of the multiple allegations of misuse of public funds.
The statement urged the government empower the Supreme Audit Office and swiftly establish the Anti-Corruption Commission.
It also called for substantial progress on prosecution and enforcement of court orders and warrants, particularly in high-level cases and on strengthening of the capacity for effective, impartial and transparent implementation of policies and strategies.
“Findings of investigations by review bodies must be public. Institutions must be competent, independent and transparent and appointments to the new Government and related institutions, as well as their future policies, must be guided by principles of good governance, rule of law and accountability,” the statement said.
The group said that it is essential to assure donors that their funds are being used efficiently and for the greater good. “To see reforms fade or fail now would also mean a loss of these investments… at this point, a strong and positive signal is needed.”
The statement comes as the next pledging conference is expected to be held in November this year.
Thursday 9 July 2020 16:43
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