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It is necessary to thank the help of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the immigrants and the people of Afghanistan/ the immigrant scholars are responsible for enlightening the society
Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, the general director of Tebian Social Cultural Activities Center and AVA news agency, while attending the representative office of this center in Qom province, met with a group of educated immigrants from this province and discussed the recent developments in Afghanistan and the problems of immigrants. According to Hussaini Mazari, immigrants should be companions and supporters of religious authority and by comparing the situation of immigrants in Greece, Turkey, Europe and many other countries, we realize that immigrants living in Iran are in a much better situation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Hojjatul-Islam wal-Muslimin Seyyed Isa Hosseini Mazari, in the beginning of his speech, while remembering and celebrating the days of Muharram, emphasizing the fact that we should use the pure opportunities and manifestations of the Ashura movement in the direction of building ourselves and taking steps in the path of seeking rights and reaching May God make optimal use of it, he pointed to the situation of immigrants in the Islamic Republic of Iran and added: The issue of immigrants has always been the subject of attention, analysis and interpretation. For more than 40 years, this issue has been the focus of the enemies of the two nations, and the immigrants have sometimes been affected by bad propaganda, and this issue has caused them to forget the services of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Meanwhile, by comparing the situation of immigrants in Greece, Turkey, Europe and many other countries, we realize that immigrants living in Iran are in a much better situation.

The head of Tebyan Center stated; Many enemy circles broadcast and publish clips of ill-treatment of migrants in Turkey, Greece, Syria and other countries in cyberspace as a crime by the Islamic Republic of Iran's law enforcement forces, and the migrants unwittingly join this atmosphere; Referring to the making of a clip in the American Bagram base in the past years and showing the mistreatment of Afghans by Iranian forces, he said: The fakeness of this clip was clearly obvious; Which common sense believes that the Iranian forces, for example, publish their inhumane deeds?! With the rule of the Islamic system in Iran and the judicial system, is it possible to accept the possibility of inhuman treatment in Iran.
Hussaini Mazari stated that there may be small and minor problems for immigrants, and clarified: it is not necessary for these issues to sacrifice the interests of more than five million immigrants.
This media expert, while pointing out that maybe his words and praises of the Islamic Republic of Iran will make some people label him as dependent and bring up other issues, he added: As one of my fellow immigrants, I have the same problem. I have banking and student registration, etc., like other immigrants, but these minor issues can be followed up and solved, and I am not interested in sacrificing the major interests of Islam and Shia for small and trivial or even bigger and more complicated problems.
He further referred to the census of illegal immigrants conducted by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the last few months and said: including the recent censuses, more than two million new immigrants have been registered, which brings the number of immigrants in the Islamic Republic of Iran to more than It reaches 5 million people, which is a significant population; While two years ago, 100,000 immigrants poured into the whole of Europe, and 28 European countries were in trouble, and the European Union was on the brink of disintegration.
The head of the Tebyan Center stated: The Islamic Republic of Iran has been a good host for immigrants despite the imposed war and sanctions, security issues and all the problems it had. In the meantime, although there are problems, but despite praising the Islamic Republic system, we also highlight the problems and try to solve the challenges of the immigrants.
Hussaini Mazari referred to his speech a few days ago in the gathering of Afghan Sunni immigrants in the holy Mashhad and noted clearly addressed the problems of immigrants, especially the recent banking problems.
The head of the Afghan Voice Agency further added; we have always suggested to the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran that, like other countries, the potential of immigrants should be used and we expect positive steps to be taken in this regard.
In his opinion; Enlightenment and cultural work has been done less among the immigrants and even the scholars have been influenced by the ignorant atmosphere of some people, and never has a cleric and religious activist clearly raised and followed up on the problems of the immigrants in a clear and clear way, nor justified it.
According to this religious scholar; Immigrant scholars have a duty to enlighten and join with institutions and organizations such as Tabyan Center, which has plans and programs to solve the problems of immigrants.
In another part of his speech, Hussaini Mazari mentioned the pursuit of solving the banking problems of the immigrants and added; When he was in Kabul, this problem arose, but immediately after being informed, he followed up on this matter and upon entering the Islamic Republic and meeting with related institutions, including the leadership body and the head of the Islamic United Party, he had useful and effective meetings.
Hojjatul-Islam wal-Muslimin Hosseini Mazari, noting that the work of the Tabyan Center offices in Iran has been to solve problems collectively and not usually individually and by example, he added: during its more than 30 years of fruitful activity, this center has dealt with the seriousness of the problems of immigrants from such as the Amaish card issues, and in the last case, he followed up on banking restrictions and other problems, which are all documented and available; We do not ignore the services of other organizations in this field, and we expect immigrants and active personalities to cooperate with Tebyan Center.
The head of the Afghan Voice news agency further added: I ask all seminary thinkers, academics, youths and cultural, intellectual and social active personalities to join Tabyan Center, which is the only active organization in Iran and Afghanistan with a wide influence, and to provide the necessary services. The need of Afghan people as well as immigrants abroad, especially compatriots living in Iran, to officially join the Tabyan Center and by verifying its membership, make the path of organized work easier and more effective.
In another part of his speech, he pointed out that during his recent visit to Afghanistan, more than 70 cultural and political activists joined this center, and said: Tabyan Center claims to lead the affairs of the people of Afghanistan, including those inside the country. And what about those who immigrated abroad, especially in Iran, and has 30 years of experience in this field, and I invite all cultural, political and economic activists inside and outside the country to come to this center in order to serve Citizens should unite so that the world and the hereafter are guaranteed.
Hussaini Mazari further pointed out the situation inside Afghanistan and called the malicious propaganda carried out by the opposition media such as BBC, Afghanistan, and Iran International, etc., in line with blackening the society of Afghanistan and the Islamic Emirate; While in his opinion; The essence of the matter is the opposite, and the enemy media are trying to confuse people's minds by creating fake clips and announcements.
The head of Tebyan center, pointed to the advertisements of preventing the celebration of Ashura and Muharram days by the Islamic Emirate, as well as the issue of hijab, which was fueled by the media, and added: in both cases; Both Muharram and hijab, which is a Shariah issue, no one has observed any kind of coercion, and women have not even been forced to wear a burqa.
This religious scholar further clarified: As I said in the first days of the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, the presence of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan is an opportunity, not a threat, and even if it is a threat, it should be turned into an opportunity. And the rule of the Islamic Emirate has been the best opportunity so far and it can be exploited in order to improve the situation, strengthen and grow the social foundations and Islamic and national authority and greatness.
At the end of his speech, he mentioned about the US sanctions and the freezing of the country's foreign exchange reserves and noted: From the devil and the enemy, nothing but sanctions and weakening can be expected, but with basic preparations and using trust in God and internal resources, we can deal with all the problems. Due to the embargo, it not only resisted, but also achieved significant progress, but if the current government wants to have relations with America, it will be read as Fatiha of the Emirate and its Islamic structure.
In the continuation of this program, Sayed Mojtaba Mousavi, one of the audience and cultural activists in the meeting, said in connection with the topic of this meeting: Iran's society and environment is ideal for immigrants, contrary to the negative portrayals that are made.
He added: While some immigrants are hopelessly and ignorantly complaining about their current situation, their situation in Iran is acceptable considering the six million population and the problems that Iran has, and it is obligatory for every active young Muslim.
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