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Revealing the behind-the-scenes goals and details of the recent big conspiracy between Iran and Afghanistan/ Tebyan Center spent one of its most challenging time
The general director of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center and Voice of Afghan News Agency (Ava) in a meeting with a number of officials, cadres and members of this center in Tehran, referring to the big and recent enemy conspiracy between the people of Afghanistan and Iran, with the aim of hitting the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran, as well as harming the Islamic Emirate, revealed some developments behind the curtain of this sedition and its goals, as well as the approach of the Tebyan center and said: The Tebian cultural and social activities center spent one of the most challenging periods in its history in order to neutralize this conspiracy.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: On the last day of Hussaini Mazari's presence in Tehran, Friday (August 19), a group of officials, cadres and members of Tabyan Center in Tehran met and talked with him.

The head of the Tebyan center, while expressing his condolences on the days of martyrdom of Hazrat Aba Abdullah al-Hussein (a.s.) and expressing hope that Muslims will take advantage of the pure opportunity of Muharram, referring to the recent activities of the Tebyan cultural and social activities center, said: from the end of Hamel this year for 3 months, The organization of Tebyan Center passed one of the most challenging times in its history. On the 23rd of this year, I was in this office and saw that the situation of immigrants in Iran was getting worse day by day.

A big conspiracy to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran by preying on immigrants
He stated that there was widespread propaganda against the immigrants and Afghans, and added: They were trying to make the situation difficult in Iran and by worsening the relationship between Iran and Afghanistan, on the one hand, they would harm the Islamic Emirate and on the other hand, they would attack the Islamic Republic of Iran. But the main prey of this movement was the immigrants; Two Scholars were martyred in Mashhad, inside the country, there was a widespread attempt to turn public opinion against Iran, demonstrations were held, and in this regard, some attacked the wall and gate of the embassy and consulate of the Islamic Republic.

Hussaini Mazari called the attack on the gate of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Embassy and Consulate General in Afghanistan an insult by the enemies of Islam and the system of the Islamic Republic and said: "This offensive action against the Islamic Republic was very heavy for the community of believers." For this reason, when Islamic currents no longer reacted to this insult, Tabyan Center considered it necessary to shower mud on the door of the embassy in order to restore dignity and respond to the enemies of the revolution and Islam, as well as appease the Islamic Republic of Iran embassy complex. This work was done despite all the threats and a new literature was introduced by the Tebyan center in political and social gatherings, which was flower rain.

The head of Tebyan Center stated: This was an extremely important movement, a great and historic revolution that had a great impact on the country and the region. In recent decades in Afghanistan, this move was unique and surprised the enemies of Islam and the revolution. They took 15 people to destroy the Consulate General, but more than 500 people showered flowers on the embassy.

He stated: This movement in Kabul caused the officials and people of Iran to change their mentality towards the immigrants and Afghanistan. This action was a blow to the fire that America, Israel, England, UAE and other agents and their agents had been trying to ignite for seven to eight months and they were trying to destroy the relationship between the Islamic Emirate and Iran in this way.

The head of the Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) stated, quoting an Iranian informant: "There was a very dangerous plan, a group of opponents of the Iranian regime was supposed to kidnap 10 Afghan immigrants and put them in the cold room and in the refrigerator." throw them to freeze everyone and attribute this crime to the Iranians and mediate it heavily, then the same group did this with 10 Iranians in revenge against these ten immigrants and mediate it, their next plan was to 50 people take the Afghan worker from the crossing and close the garden door and everyone with volleys. This would cause the work to fall out of the hands of the government forces of Iran and fall into the hands of public opinion, all Iranians would mobilize against the immigrants, and in this movement, tens or even hundreds of thousands of immigrants could be killed, and in this uproar, groups opposed to the regime And the hypocrites wanted to destroy the system.

The nature of the flower showers of the Islamic Republic of Iran Embassy in Kabul
Hosseini Mazari emphasized the importance of the Tebian center's action in pouring flowers on the door of the embassy of the Islamic Republic and continued: They had been trying for almost 7 to 8 months and had planned not only to weaken the relationship between the Islamic Emirate and Iran but also to create a conflict between the two nations and the government. and also attack the Islamic Republic system; The prey of this work was the immigrants, but the work of the center of Tebyan was cold water on the fire of this sedition; After our action, an unprecedented speech was given by Ayatollah Alam Elhadi, then the Afghan consulate in Zahedan was showered with flowers. In short, the work of Tebian Center was very valuable.

He continued: Following the move against the Iranian embassy, ​​a very big conspiracy was launched against us, to the extent that foreign countries had intervened and their intelligence had decided to destroy the work of the Tebian center. The entire organization was considered a conspiracy of the enemy, but with the divine power of the Tebyan center, it is working ten times more than before and more active than before, and now it is the only Shiite organization that is active in Afghanistan."

The head of the Tebyan center said: In such a situation, we entered Afghanistan and started working for the release of our colleagues in Herat, and all the organs of the emirate somehow got involved with us, but they understood that the Tebyan center is a deep-rooted organization and has national support. The Islamic Republic really left no stone unturned in this case and in defense of the Tebian center.

Tebyan center was involved in a very dangerous crisis
He stated: "The Tebyan Center was involved in a very dangerous crisis in a historical period of three months and performed its duty correctly, with the wisdom and tact of its colleagues, it not only passed this predicament and crisis safely, but also emerged stronger and more powerful. "
According to Hosseini Mazari, in such a critical situation, more than 70 elite elements of the country showed up at the Tebian Center office in Kabul and became members of the Tebian Center, and the previous members of the Tebian Center did not have the slightest doubt.

He further added: After this incident, the Tebyan center has increased several times in terms of quantity and ten times in terms of quality and power, both in the physical and virtual field, our offices are active, colleagues are present in Herat, Kabul, Mazar and Kandahar. They are, in Bamyan and Daikandi, structures are being built, in the provinces of Ghazni, Maidan Wardak, Gardiz, Badakhshan, Samangan, Sarpol, Faryab and Jawzjan, representative forces were activated and their officials were appointed.

Tebyan Center's serious entry into solving the banking problems of immigrants
Referring to the banking problems of the immigrants, the head of the Tebyan Center said: "Although we were in Afghanistan and involved in the problems there, we were not oblivious to our immigrants, they sent me a message that if you do not enter, the banking problems of the immigrants will not be solved. There is no one who can do this." Follow up the issue seriously. I published an article there protesting this problem and as soon as I arrived, a meeting was held and I gave a speech. On the day of Ashura, I gave a speech about the serious banking problem in a gathering of several thousand Sunni immigrants.

He continued: Then in Tehran also with Mr. Badamchian; Secretary General of the United Party; I spoke about the only powerful party in Iran that was formed before the revolution and was always one of the pillars of power after the revolution. Before that, the office of Hazrat Agha was spoken to. The relevant official said that before your presence here, we had prepared a report on the speeches you had made before and sent it to the presence of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Afternoon with Ayatollah Ramadani; we talked to the head of the Ahl al-Bayt World Assembly, we used every connection we had, and Alhamdulillah, we got the news that the banking restrictions have been lifted.

Hussaini Mazari, after presenting a report on the activities of the Tebyan Center inside the country and trying to solve the problems of immigrants in Iran, added: The offices of the Tebyan Center in Iran are also very active, in all sectors; Women's section, men's section; The Mashhad office is managed by Mr. Hashemi Rasti, one of the thoughtful scholars with a long history of struggle, the Qom office is managed by Mr. Mubarez, a jihadist, militant and thoughtful person, and also the Tehran office, where you are now present, and to be fair, both the news agency and the Tebyan Center in Tehran work They have done something valuable. In Isfahan, a work program is also supposed to be created.

Advice to the members of Tebyan Center
Advising the members present in the meeting to be more active, he addressed them and said: Your colleagues inside Afghanistan are honestly doing revolutionary and selfless work; Despite the social, economic and security problems, all the forces, including men and women, have a serious presence in the real and virtual space without a bit of fear, sometimes many of our friends in Iran are afraid of some activities and hesitate, they are not ready to Let them work on their own face, while our colleagues are bravely present in the field inside Afghanistan. Young people also have a great presence, a number of personalities of Mr. Khalili and Mohaqeq Vahdat Political Party, and the Islamic movement have joined us, an organization that is an organization in every sense and that carries out an organizational movement. It is not a family affair; In Afghanistan, many currents and parties were family, responsibilities were divided between sons and grandsons, and they could not be called a party; many of the parties were ethnic and represented by only one tribe, many parties were also regional, represented by only one region. But there was no party based on merit and thought in Afghanistan.

The head of the Afghan Voice news agency stated that the Tebyan Center has organizational and organizational features in Afghanistan and clarified: For the management and leadership of the Tebyan Center, ethnicity, region and language are not important, anyone who is worthy and competent can be appointed to important positions. Take and grow, but you dear ones who are present here, it is your turn; regarding the internal colleagues, I told how the work is done. I am satisfied with the work of all the members of the Tebyan center in all offices, but I am not really satisfied because the Tebyan center and the Tebyan forces have a high capacity and there are many abilities, not all of these capacities have been used yet and some do not have a correct understanding of organizational work, for example Some dignitaries who are present in this meeting are not active in cyberspace. We must act purposefully; Purposeful is someone who connects and mixes all aspects of his personal life with his political and religious goals; therefore, it should be used with all its capacity.

He clarified: It is expected that there will be organizational work among the members of Tebyan Center, and they will dedicate their virtual pages to collective and purposeful work. A Shia must use the smallest capacities in the path of his thought and goal. We are the servants of God, and if we do not work for His way and religion, we are responsible. If we sincerely work for God, He will definitely strengthen us. Whoever works for God is strengthened. I believe that in order to grow up, one should embrace God. All the problems we have are the result of being away from God, if we have economic, political and social problems, if we are insulted and humiliated, it is all the result of being away from God. So it is the duty of each of you to be present in the virtual space of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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