Publish dateThursday 18 May 2023 - 12:40
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"Oliver" interview from the United Nations peace department with Dr. Omido Johnson from the Alliance for Democracy Party of Nigeria;

The International Criminal Court under the control of America!

In Oliver's first question, the UN peace envoy on the International Criminal Court asks Dr. Omido Johnson of the Alliance for Democracy Party of Nigeria, who answers: Let's consider the functions of this court when the American and European forces in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria committed crimes against humanity and burning women, as a result of which millions of people migrated. Why was this court always silent and did not say anything in front of these crimes? This is not justice!
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Oliver continues to ask, recently the International Criminal Court has ordered the arrest of Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is this fair?
In response, Dr. Johnson says: This decision is not fair at all. Should I say what happened to others in this word? I must remind that in Africa during the presidency of Francois Ollande and Nicolas Sarkozy (Presidents of France) who committed many crimes against humanity in the countries of Libya, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Congo, etc., where the International Criminal Court did nothing. He did not and closed his eyes. Only the United States commands this court. America issues all orders to the criminal court.
Oliver: Yes, has he issued an order to embargo bank accounts lately?
JOHNSON: Yes, it's a political game to keep this money inside just for themselves.
Oliver: Yes. Let's go back to the issue of Afghanistan. Because the International Criminal Court cannot implement justice in Afghanistan, maybe Turkish President Erdogan will do it, because Erdogan considers himself the leader and defender of the Islamic world?
Dr. Johnson: I think no, Erdogan can't do anything, because we saw what happened a few days ago in Beit Al-Quds in Palestine! Why didn't Erdogan do anything?! What happened in the mosque in Jerusalem. It is a fact that Erdoğan only implements British and American plans in the region and does nothing else.
Oliver: Maybe the International Criminal Court will pay some attention to the fact that Erdogan committed crimes against humanity in Syria?
Dr. Johnson: I think no, it doesn't do anything, look what Erdogan did to the Kurds in Syria? Still Afghanistan and other countries and nothing happened, just because the United States does all the planning of the International Criminal Court.
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