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Religious experts:

Homosexuality unanimously condemned by all Islamic sects

Homosexuality unanimously condemned by all Islamic sects
Mashhad, (AVA)- BBC has released a report titled "Homosexual Imam in Washington makes marriage vows between homosexuals".

So called Mulla Imam publicly said there are no conflicts between his sexual activities identity and religion identity.

He added since holy Quran has not directly addressed homosexuality and it is possible that Muslims interpret Quran verses wrongly when they invoke to Quran and Lot story, Mulla Imam stated only sexual tendency cause sexual intercourses. Not all pederasts can be called homosexual, he commented.

This issue is discussed by Maulavi Abdulrauf Tawana, the secretary of Islamic brotherhood council, and Ayatullah Seyyed Jawad Mujahid, the top professor in Hoza in Kabul, during an interview with Afghan Voice Agency (AVA).

AVA: Could you talk about gay condemnation according to Quran and Hadiths? Is Mulla Imam from Washington opinion "Quran do not directly address the issue" right?

Ayatullah Mujahid: The action is so immoral so much so that animals refuse to do but a number of people commit such action, for they are worse that animal according to Quran. The opinion of Quran failure in discussing about the issue is completely wrong. Good examples of this are Alshuara Surat, 4 verses after verse 165th; Alankabut Surat, from verse 30th to next few verses; Hood Surat, verse 30th; Hijr Surat, verse 68th and Ghamar Surat, verse 37th.

Maulavi Tawana: gay is an issue being against God instructions and not only Lot story is not a story but also it is the God's explicit position against this immoral action. Moreover, since one of the consequences of homosexuality is eradicating families spreading corruption in society, Islam strongly opposes to it and sharply condemns it.

AVA: What are the punishments imposed by Islam to those who commit such immoral action?

Ayatullah Mujahid: According to Surats I mentioned above, Islam inflicts the harshest punishments on those committing such sins. Islam administers various punishments for deadly sins but for those committing sodomy, Islam says they should be killed by sword.

Maulavi Tawana: I quoted the holy prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) as saying that اذا فسد العالِم، فسد العالَم , corrupted scholars corrupt the world, can be commented that these groups are the most corrupted creatures against whom all Islam clerics should stand.

Regarding the homosexuality abomination, Islam imposed severe punishments such as throwing out of a mountain or falling a wall over him.

AVA: According to the Mulla Imam, can everyone comment Quran trainings on his own opinion?

Ayatullah Mujahid: All Islamic scholars and sects unanimously accept this Hadith "those who imposed his own commentary on Quran verses will go to hell" and another Hadith says if any clerics issue decree which oppose to Quran and authentic Hadith, he directly opposes to Islam and Quran verses. Aemah Masumin (AS), infallible imams, said "when you receive from Imams, compare it with Quran".

Maulavi Tawana: Every single action and comment of a religious expert or scholars should be scrutinized according to Islam and religion factors to stop such so called Mullas. His statements about sodomy and homosexuality are unanimously called Haraam by all Islamic sects.

AVA: What are powerful freemasons and laics supported by international Zionism seeking by spreading immorality such as homosexuality among different Islamic sects' followers?

Ayatullah Mujahid: This is obvious that the human greatness and dignity and humiliation depend on his morality and soul and freemasons and laics try to destroy the human will leading them to commit such deadly sins. The main reason, meanwhile, is to eliminate family from Muslim societies.

Maulavi Tawana: Freemasons and laics try to cause division among Islamic sects to eradicate Islam unlike the holy prophets, Moses (Pbuh) and Jesus (Pbuh) good news according to which no Christian and Jewish should oppose to the latest religion, Islam.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Mashhad
Wednesday 3 July 2013 09:45
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