Publish dateWednesday 17 January 2018 - 19:34
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Noor Threatens Civil Rebellion If Govt-Jamiat Talks Fail
Atta Mohammad Noor says Jamiat-e-Islami will give government a deadline if the ongoing talks fail to provide results within the next few days.

AVA- One month after President Ashraf Ghani fired Balkh provincial governor Mohammad Atta Noor, the Jamiat-e-Islami party’s CEO threatened civil rebellion if talks between the party and government failed to provide results.

Noor also said he would impose a deadline for government if an agreement was not reached.

“We cannot make any decision until government leaders stop their efforts to sideline others; until they start ensuing social and political justice… and until they stop failing in terms of ensuring security in the country; otherwise, finally we will be compelled to launch a countrywide rebellion to smash the walls of hostility and anger and their false faces,” he stated.

Government and Jamiat wrapped up the seventh round of their talks earlier this week. Since day one, reports indicated that Jamiat has been waiting for government’s response to a list of demands.

The main demands of Jamiat includes the full implementation of the National Unity Government agreement, a change in the system, an amendment to the Constitution, the issuance of electronic national identity cards, and the establishment of a commission to oversee the amendment of the Constitution, among others. 

On Wednesday, Noor addressed his supporters at a routine gathering in Balkh where he harshly criticized government for its failure to ensure people’s safety, implement projects, ensure transparency and prevent the infiltration of Daesh militants into the north.

“We seek social and political justice. We want the rights of every citizen in the country to be ensured. We want corruption fully uprooted,” Noor told a gathering in Balkh.

Noor talked about recent remarks by a number of government officials who called him “an ordinary employee of government”, and said he is representing a great number of people, a coalition and a big political mainstream.

He said nothing will convince him to step down except a logical agreement. He also stated government has failed to prevent the infiltration of foreign Daesh militants, from Syria, into Afghanistan.

Noor said Jamiat will announce a deadline for government’s decision if the ongoing talks fail to provide results within the next few days.

Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
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