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Death anniversary of Afghanistan’s first President marked for the first time after 40 years
The death anniversary of Afghanistan’s first President Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan was marked for the first time during a ceremony in Kabul.
AVA- Sardar Daud Khan was killed during a Coup d’état 40 years ago with the majority of the Afghans believing that the day marked the start of the destruction of the country and continues till date.
In his speech during the ceremony, President Ghani said the late President had a message of love and partiortism for the youths of the country as he insisted on turning the ambitions of the late President into reality in the light of the constitution of the country.
President Ghani said Sardar Daud Khan was a clean person and believed that the State’s treasury belonged to the nation.
He also added that no evidence can be found to prove that the late President had misused the treasures of the country and was resolute in his governance by having a full knowledge of the geography of the country.
According to President Ghani, the late President had proper administration on security and infrastructure and there was full security across the country while he was leading the country.
He said the foundation for the infrastructural development of Afghanistan was laid during the government of Sarda Mohammad Daud Khan as he emphasized that more work should be done to improve the infrastructures of the country to follow the footsteps of the late President.
President Ghani also emphasized on a historic debate to further shed light on the different dimensions of the personality of the late President.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
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