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FEFA wants witnesses present at vote recounts

Electoral watchdog Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) has welcomed a recount of votes from some polling stations, but stresses the audit should take place in presence of observers and witnesses.
FEFA wants witnesses present at vote recounts
The Wolesi Jirga elections took place on October 20 and 21 in 32 provinces of the country and a week later in southern Kandahar province. Ghazni is only the province where the vote could not be conducted for security reasons.

Reports about alleged rigging in the long-delayed parliamentary elections have already been published.

On the basis of complaints about alleged rigging, the Independent Elections Commission (IEC) has decided to recount votes from 454 polling stations in 11 provinces including all polling stations in central Panjsher province.

The body has also announced it would recount all votes from polling stations in capital Kabul in addition to the votes from other provinces.

FEFA head Yousuf Rashid told reporters in Kabul that the vote recount was a good step towards ensuring transparency but the process should be conducted in presence of observers, witnesses, representatives of election watchdogs and political parties.

He asked the election bodies to proceed with the recount of votes in close coordination with candidates in order to ensure greater transparency and fairness.

Rashid stressed over proper management of the recount process and demanded a timetable though which candidates could send their observers.

He alleged the IEC lacked the resolve to conduct the presidential election and was seeking escape from the law.

Rashid asked the election bodies to expose names of powerful individuals who interfered in the Wolesi Jirga polls.

FEFA also asked all groups and individuals to move according to the law while entering electoral alliances for the April 20 presidential poll and refrain from early campaigning.

He said the IEC should not behave like a spectator during election activities and should use its legal powers.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Monday 12 November 2018 17:32
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