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More Than 200 Taliban Insurgents Killed

 More than 200 Taliban insurgents were killed in the last two months in Ghazni province.
More Than 200 Taliban Insurgents Killed
AVA- Ghazni press office with releasing a statement told media, more than 200 Taliban rebels including their leaders were killed and dozens others have been wounded in clearing operations of security forces and coalition forces in outskirt of Qarabagh, Ander, Gero, Dehyak and Rashidan districts of Ghazni province.
The statement added, six security officials were martyred and seven others have been injured during the operations.
Wahidullah Kalimzai governor of Ghazni reassured the people about the current status and security of the province said, the requirements’ and the lack of organization and supplies of security personnel in that province are being completed.
Tuesday 5 March 2019 23:33
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