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AIHRC Records Over 11,000 Civilian Casualties in 1397

Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) on Tuesday said that it has recorded more than 11,000 civilian casualties (3,032 deaths and 8,180 injured) last year in Afghanistan.
AIHRC Records Over 11,000 Civilian Casualties in 1397

According to the AIHRC, civilian casualties have risen 19 percent in 1397 compared with the previous year.
In its annual report for 1397, AIHRC says its findings show that 21 percent of the casualties include children, adding that women casualties have also increased by 17 percent compared to the year 1396.
The report attributes 53 percent of the casualties to the Taliban, over 12 percent to the Islamic State also known as Daesh, over 11 percent to pro-government forces, and 22 percent to unknown elements.
The majority of these casualties were caused by suicide attacks, the human rights commission said.
“Any side causes civilian casualties must be held accountable at a court. The culture of impunity must be eradicated,” said Sima Samar, the Head of AIHRC.
Source : Ariana News
Tuesday 23 April 2019 19:14
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