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Afghan women concerned over their rights post peace deal, study shows

Afghan women are concerned over their rights and freedoms post peace deal, a new study by the country's Independent Human Rights Commission revealed on Saturday.
Afghan women concerned over their rights post peace deal, study shows

A total of 5,363 people including 4,710 women participated in the research which was conducted in all provinces of the country, except Nuristan.
A report from the study said that people have had bitter experiences during the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, and they never want to return to that era.
It said that the Taliban had established a government with Stone Age and fundamentalist thinking, prevented the county from developing and silenced people by lashing.
According to the report, most of the Afghan people are seriously concerned about the possibility of the Taliban’s joining politics with the same thinking they had during their 1996-2001 rule.
They are concerned that the gains made during the past 18 years will be ignored in peace process and that restrictions will be imposed on women’s rights.
Addressing a conference, head of the AIHRC, urged the Taliban to offer an apology to the people. She also called on the Afghan people to forgive the group.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Saturday 27 April 2019 18:03
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