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Afghan NSA: 50 Afghans lose their lives every day in country’s conflict

The National Security Adviser, Hamdullah Mohib said that at least 50 people lose their lives every day due to the ongoing war and conflicts in Afghanistan.
Afghan NSA: 50 Afghans lose their lives every day in country’s conflict
AVA- Addressing a security meeting held in Moscow, Mohib said Tuesday that there was a high concentration of threats in the region. He emphasized that countering terrorism needs collective action. The National Security Council quoted Mohib on Twitter as saying: “At least 50 people pay the ultimate sacrifice in the fight against terrorism on a daily basis, which makes Afghanistan as the country at the frontlines fighting against terrorism.”
This comes as the United Nations already announced that over 3,000 civilians were killed in the last Afghan year (2018 – 2019) in nationwide conflicts. Also, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has announced that more than 45,000 security forces had been killed since he took the office in September 2014.
Mohib’s remarks show a mass increases compared to the past reports over Afghan death toll caused by conflicts. But there are serious concerns over the security forces’ death toll, as the Afghan government does not officially publish it with the media.
Mohib flew on Monday to Russia to participate in a high security meeting.
Wednesday 19 June 2019 01:06
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