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Afghan lullabies discussed at Isfahan House  

Afghan lullabies were discussed during a meeting at the Isfahan House on Friday.
Afghan lullabies discussed at Isfahan House  
A large number of Afghan and Iranian poets and artists attended the meeting entitled “Lullaby Night of Afghan Mothers”, iGhe3, a cultural center that was the organizer of the meeting, announced on Sunday. 
The meeting was organized to celebrate World Refugee Day, which was June 20.
iGhe3 chief editor Purya Alami also read a short story from his collection “The Wrong People” on migration and Afghanistan during the meeting. 
“Literature brings people together and helps prevent war,” Alami said. “iGhe3 tries to produce stories for Persian-speaking children,” he added.
An iGhe3 official, Esmaeil Bastani, also said, “The lullaby is a strong affinity that can help pull down the walls built between us.”
“iGhe3 has cleverly chosen the lullaby as a topic to make friendship and I am sure all listeners have enjoyed the lullaby podcasts of Afghan moms,” he added.
Monday 24 June 2019 02:47
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