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Afghans mark 'The National Flag Day'

Government officials, youth, social activists and locals have attended the National Flag Day in separate areas of Kabul to show their unity and nationalism.
Afghans mark
Representatives of different ethnic groups have come together here under a single title. Afghans!
They are here to respect the symbol of their national honor that is Afghanistan's 3 colored flag that represents a united Afghanistan.
A similar ceremony was held in the Afghan presidential palace. President Ashraf Ghani named the National Flag Day as a day in which Afghans review their responsibilities regarding the fate of their own land.
The National Day of Flag is marked as Afghans are getting prepared to cast their ballots in September presidential elections. Some say the "National Flag Day" is an opportunity to encourage people to support elections as a national move towards democracy and peace.
The participants of this national event have a message to the rest of Afghans particularly the Taliban.
They call on the militant group to pay heed to the demands of the people of Afghanistan and join direct peace talks with the Afghan government; a request that has been repeatedly rejected by the Taliban.
Tuesday 30 July 2019 03:32
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