Publish dateTuesday 29 October 2019 - 02:36
Story Code : 194202
Iraq, Syria Defeated ISIL with Iran’s Logistic Support: Iran
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi, reacting to the reports on Baghdadi’s death in a US military raid, said the ISIL terrorist group had been long defeated by Iraqi and Syrian nations with Iran’s logistic support.
He said characters like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and other similar terrorists, have been trained and supported by the US itself, which takes them out of the picture once their expiration date is due.
“ISIL was defeated by the youth from the Resistance Front. Iraqi and Syrian nations, with Iran’s logistic support, had defeated this terrorist group long before,” Mousavi said.
He went on to warn, “although we defeated ISIL with help from other regional nations, their ideology is still alive, and it is likely that the survivors of this group would be reorganized by the US to carry out further destructive measures in the region.”
“It’s not that surprising that the US’ move in killing Baghdadi is receiving so much media hype,” he said. “Every year close to the US elections, Americans play such cards for domestic consumption.”
“Killing Baghdadi was no big deal, since ISIL had been defeated by us and other countries in the region. We should wait and see what other plans the region’s enemies have in mind for the future,” Mousavi added.
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