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Afghan VP Danish urges all parties to accept election results

Afghanistan's Second Vice President Sarwar Danish on Wednesday urged all parties to accept the final results of presidential election announced a day earlier.
Afghan VP Danish urges all parties to accept election results
“We should put aside differences from election rivalry and open a new chapter for unity, harmony, cooperation, and for creating a national inclusive government and for building a modern, united and peaceful Afghanistan,” Danish said at a ceremony to mark the anniversary of Soviet withdrawal.
“We should understand that the importance, value and gains of democracy and election are linked to the acceptance of its results, otherwise it is very absurd that we give democracy slogan and not accept its results,” Danish continued.
On Tuesday, the Independent Election Commission declared incumbent president Ashraf Ghani as winner of the election held nearly five months ago.
His main rival, Abdullah Abdullah, however, rejected the results as illegal and vowed to form his own government.
“While it is up to Afghans to decide the election outcome, our priority and what we believe to be the priority of most Afghans remains peace and the peace process,” Mary Catherine Phee, US State Department Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, said speaking at the US Institute of Peace.
Wednesday 19 February 2020 16:45
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