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'15 Taliban' Killed in Clashes With Residents In Samangan

'At least 15 Taliban' were killed in clashes with residents of two villages in Dara-e-Sof-e-Bala district of Samangan province on Tuesday, a local security official said, adding that two residents were also killed.
The fighting took place over the past four days as Taliban attacked the villages and “the residents stood up against them and fought,” said the official, who said the fighting had now ended.
But residents feared that the Taliban “may attack again to take revenge," said official.
Security forces have not yet been sent to the villages to support the fight against the Talban, according to the residents.
The residents appealed for support, saying that “if the Taliban take control of the two villages than they will start killing all of the people.”
However, the Taliban have not yet commented on the clashes.
Wednesday 8 April 2020 10:27
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