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Dispute on Abdullah's Side Reportedly Delaying Cabinet Choices

Politicians close to Abdullah Abdullah, head of the High Council for National Reconciliation, reported a rift among political leaders on Abdullah’s side over cabinet appointments and the share of authority for provincial departments and deputy ministers’ posts in some ministries.
Dispute on Abdullah

Abdullah’s team has been given a 50 percent share in the cabinet based on the political agreement, and he can introduce his picks for the posts.
The Presidential Palace said last week that their portion of the cabinet has been appointed and the list is ready to be sent to the parliament for a vote of confidence.
The parliament meanwhile will observe summer recess in two weeks, something that critics say will once again delay the cabinet appointments for another two months.
Sayed Ishaq Gailani, head of the National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan and a supporter of Abdullah, said the rift among political leaders who are supporting Abdullah is one of the reasons behind the delay in the appointments of acting and nominee ministers in the cabinet.
“There are many volunteers for ministries and deputy ministers’ posts, but the seats are less; therefore, the doctor (Abdullah Abdullah) has some problems,” Gailani said.
The Presidential Palace said they are expecting Abdullah Abdullah to complete the list of his picks for ministries and send it to the Palace.
But some sources from Abdullah’s office said the list will be sent to the Presidential Palace in the near future.
The delay in cabinet appointments has been met with criticism from the public, critics and lawmakers who say it will not favor rule of law in the country.
“The five commissions of the parliament are working on documents of ministers and no nominee will be approved in contravention of the law,” said Mirza Mohammad Katawazi, the deputy speaker of the Wolesi Jirga, the lower house of the Afghan parliament.
Another key part of the Ghani-Abdullah political agreement was promoting Abdul Rashid Dostum to the rank of marshal, something that was expected to be done through a presidential decree, but it has not happened so far.
Dostum was recently seen in photos sowing wheat in a farmer's field in Khwaja Do Koh district in the northern province of Jawzjan along with his bodyguards and locals.
Source : tolonews
Sunday 28 June 2020 18:55
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