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Taliban Kill 4 Protestors Demonstrating In Khwaja Ghar District Of Takhar

The Taliban killed at least four people in Takhar’s Khwaja Ghar district who were protesting against the alleged rape committed by a member of the militant group.
Taliban Kill 4 Protestors Demonstrating In Khwaja Ghar District Of Takhar

Khwaja Ghar governor Mohammad Omar said on Tuesday, that people from the villages of Dobandi, Chicheke and Manchqur had gathered to demand justice for the minors who were allegedly gang-raped.
According to local sources, a number of Taliban members entered the house of a man named Khudai Noor Malang at night, stole 25,000 AFN from him and gang-raped his two daughters, aged 14 and 17.
Omar said that after the incident, the people demanded that the perpetrators of the rape be punished and handed over.
The Taliban had promised to carry out the punishment, but failed to fulfil their promise.

The Khwaja Ghar governor added that three cases of gang-rape had been reported in Taliban-controlled areas over the past year.
The district police chief, Mohammad Ishaq, also said that Taliban prevented the people from gathering by moving the group’s members through the streets of the villages.
Omar said that the protests began when the rape suspects were to be transferred by the Taliban to the Chahar Dara district of Kunduz.
People surrounded the prison during a rally, and the Taliban opened fire on protesters, he said, wounding four more people.
Omar added that the people had initially disarmed a number of Taliban fighters who had shot dead the four protesters.
According the authorities, the protests have continued in the areas which are controlled by the Taliban.
Tuesday 4 August 2020 16:47
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