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Three suspects identified in public beating of two women in Kabul

The Ministry of Interior said it has identified three security officials involved in last week’s incident involving two young women who were beaten in public in Kabul.
Three suspects identified in public beating of two women in Kabul
In a statement issued by the MoI, the ministry said: “After investigating the case, the Crime Investigation Directorate (CID) identified one member of the security forces who was the main culprit in the case and two police officers who were negligent and irresponsible by not stopping the incident.”
The MoI stated that the case is being investigated by the CID but has also been handed over to the Attorney General’s Office. 
The incident, which took place in Kabul city, was caught on video and went viral on social media – which sparked an outcry among rights activists and members of the public. 
The two women were publicly hit by one man, while two officials in uniform stood by and watched. 
A number of other people also stood around and watched the incident unfold.
This comes amid increasing concerns relating to the preservation and strengthening of women’s rights and overall human rights in Afghanistan as the Aghan negotiating team continues discussions with the Taliban in Doha. 
Human rights activists and global leaders have all called for the achievements of the past 19 years to be preserved if any peace deal is made between the warring sides.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Tuesday 22 September 2020 14:44
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