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Afghan, German Govt to Hold Annual Aid Meeting

The annual meeting of the governments of Afghanistan and Germany is scheduled to be held on Wednesday.
Afghan, German Govt to Hold Annual Aid Meeting
At this meeting, Germany will announce its annual assistance to Afghanistan in various sectors, according to the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ).
Sources told TOLOnews that Germany has provided €420 million euros in conditional aid to Afghanistan, but the allocation of a certain amount of this money will depend on the outcome of talks between the representatives of the two countries.
The German and Afghan governments meet annually to discuss new German aid to Afghanistan.
The meeting is scheduled to take place virtually on September 30, 2020, between representatives of the Afghan and German governments. If the Afghan government meets Germany's expectations in various areas, Germany will contribute more than €400 million next year.
Afghanistan and Germany are negotiating to raise aid for next year as national revenues fell sharply following the spread of the coronavirus.
“Currently, to reduce Afghanistan's economy dependence, we need domestic and foreign investment and international assistance so that we can invest more in infrastructure and create wealth for Afghanistan's future,” said Iraj Faqiri, an economic analyst.
Germany has contributed nearly €5 billion to Afghanistan in the areas of economic development, good governance, humanitarian aid and urban development since 2009, according to German Cooperation Agency officials.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Wednesday 30 September 2020 11:58
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