Publish dateThursday 9 June 2022 - 09:06
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Work on the TAPI project will begin in the next six months
The chief executive of the TAPI project met with the governor of Herat and said that the practical work on the project of creating a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to India would begin in the next six months.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Herat: Mohammad Murad Amanov the CEO of TAPI Project met with the Governor of Herat and said that the practical work of TAPI project will start in the next six months.
Herat local administration with the publication of newsletters that in this meeting, Khwaja Awzuf Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Kabul and Mohammad Murad Amanov The CEO of TAPI was present.
Mr. Amanov, from the beginning of the practical work of the project to transfer gas from Turkmenistan to India in the next six months, announced: "We are waiting for the acquisition of land from the Afghan government."
In this meeting, the Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Afghanistan also stated that land acquisition should be done in accordance with international standards.
Mawlavi Islamjar the Governor of Herat also said that the people of Herat look forward to the TAPI project as a Hope and we will make this project historic.
The Governor of Herat added: The Leader of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has a special interest in this project in Kandahar and as soon as possible the Special Representative will determine his own destiny.
Islamjar promised that the Herat Local Government would soon acquire the land acquisition map for the TAPI project.
It is said that the Turkmenistan gas pipeline project from India to Afghanistan and Pakistan was started years ago.
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