Publish dateTuesday 14 June 2022 - 10:04
Story Code : 254214
The war in Ukraine exposed the broken structure of NATO
In an article entitled "NATO's Broken Shield", the Guardian described the differences in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as a neglected alliance.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: Simon Tisdall, columnist for the British newspaper The Guardian, says in an article entitled "NATO's Broken Shield" that the Ukraine conflict has exposed NATO's broken structure as a defense unit.
According to Arti News Agency, important European members of this alliance are hiding behind the previously ignored alliance. They are trying to avoid costly commitments to Kiev that could anger Moscow.
Given that NATO has equal votes and different levels of military power, Tisdahl writes in this article about a less cohesive alliance (NATO alliance) and more powerful than it seems at first glance.
Yesterday, Business Insider announced that the German government had sounded the alarm about Spain's hypothetical plans to supply 40 German-made tanks to Ukraine, which were revealed in a media report.
Amid German concerns, Spain has apparently refined its hypothetical plans to send German tanks to Ukraine.
Earlier, Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Lindy said that the country would take time to join NATO and did not want to speculate on Sweden's membership during the NATO summit in Sweden later this month.
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