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Interaction Idea with IEA is Growing in the World
The Acting Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, on his early visit to Qatar, had fruitful meetings with the diplomats of the western countries.
Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, Amir Khan Muttaqi Acting Foreign Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was on a trip to Doha, Qatar. Earlier, he left for Qatar with the purpose of meeting with senior diplomats of a number of European countries, the region, and the US to discuss the frozen Afghan monetary blocked by the United States, the lifting of sanctions against the Islamic Emirate, and other issues, while most of the embassies of Western countries and also the US in Kabul, after the Islamic Emirate took over the capital of Afghanistan, they left this city and continued their work from Doha, Qatar.

Muttaqi’s meetings in Doha were with the US special representative for Afghanistan Thomas West, who had focused on the release of Afghanistan’s monetary reserves.
It has been said that the negotiations between the two sides have made good progress in this regard and the United States is ready to return part of these reserves to Afghanistan again.

In the past, America and its western allies have tried to confront the Islamic Emirate by resorting to force and creating obstacles, but the Islamic Emirate has always stressed that interaction is the solution to problems, as Amir Khan Muttaqi said in his meeting with Thomas West has asked Washington to engage with the Islamic Emirate instead of using the pressure option, especially since Washington wants stability in Afghanistan and emphasizes that the United States does not support any group opposing the new Afghan government. However, interaction and dialogue cannot be ignored to solve problems.

Keeping in mind that America is an influential country in global interactions, the interaction between Kabul and Washington is beneficial for everyone.

In Doha, along with talks with American diplomats, Muttaqi has had useful talks with diplomats of other countries, Britain, Germany, Japan, Norway, Qatar, etc. has been accompanied by humanitarian organization heads.

In addition to the fact that the Islamic Emirate is thinking about expanding its relations with America and Western countries, it has active relations with other countries such as Russia, China, Iran, India, Pakistan… This shows that the Emirate’s diplomacy and foreign policy Islamic is a balanced solution based on mutual respect.

Based on the good and positive interaction of the Islamic Emirate, which can turn the plan of isolating Afghanistan into nothing and strengthen the idea of ​​interaction and cooperation.
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