Publish dateThursday 7 July 2022 - 11:55
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Ahmed Vihman, the head of the watchdog to fight against the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime in the Morocco, revealed a plan to settle two million Jews in this country and warned that "Israel" is seeking to occupy the territory of the Morocco.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: Vihman said during a press interview that coordination meetings with the aim of "transferring Israel to the Morocco" are being held, including the so-called Al-Dar al-Bayda forum, which "requests the unification of structures between Rabat and Tel Aviv under supervision He is the adviser of the king of Morocco.
He warned about the settlement of two million Jews in the Morocco, and reminded: the waves of their groups are advancing towards the Morocco and the Morocco will enter a "new era".
Among the indicators of this "new era", as Vihman pointed out, the establishment of the "Morocco Assembly" on May 15, in a celebration entitled "Independence Day of the brotherly country of Israel!!" It coincides with the occupation of Palestine, another sign of this era is the frequent invitation of the occupying officials as guests of honor, the participation of the Zionist army in the recent military maneuvers of the Morocco and the opening of two offices for an "Israeli" channel in Rabat and El Dar al-Bayda.
David Gorin, head of Israel's delegation in the Morocco, said: "Israel's participation in the joint exercise with the Morocco is a new step that strengthens the security relations between the armies of the Morocco and Israel." Relations that include a large list of bilateral actions in economic, cultural, educational, sports and other fields.
It is worth noting that Andre Azoulai, adviser to King Mohammed VI, is a Morocco Jewish politician who was also an adviser to King Hassan II, he is a member of the Committee of Elders of the Alliance of Civilizations and the head of the Three Cultures Foundation and the Shimon Peres Peace Center.
He also holds the position of Monaco's goodwill ambassador and has an honorary doctorate from Ben-Gurion University in the Zionist regime.
Followers of the developments in the relations between the Morocco and the Zionist regime see very well that there is a deliberate fusion between Judaism and Zionism and the promotion of Zionism as being Jewish, while there is a big difference between the two, Jews are followers of the divine religion. While Zionism is a racist ideological thought that calls for the displacement of Palestinians from their land and the establishment of a national regime for Jews in occupied Palestine.
Unfortunately, in the Morocco and some Arab countries, there are those who try to introduce the Zionists, who are hostile not only to the Palestinians, but without exception to the Moroccos, Arabs and Muslims, as Jews, which you can base on this interact with those who follow the divine religion, therefore, the influence of Zionists in Arab societies is the biggest threat to the security and stability of these societies, the first of which is the Morocco society, which Ahmed Vihman, the head of the Morocco observers, is against the normalization of relations in The Morocco sounded the alarm, may the Moroccos realize the dangers around them before it is too late.
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