Publish dateWednesday 20 July 2022 - 10:55
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Putin Blame West For Decrease of Gas to Europe
The President of Russia said: "The supply of gas to the European Union may continue to decrease, and the main culprit of this decrease in supply is Europe itself."
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Russian President "Vladimir Putin" in the group of Russian journalists present in Tehran considered the behavior of the West as the reason for the decrease in gas supply to Europe and announced that this trend may continue to decrease.
According to the Associated Press news agency, these words of Putin increase the pressure on the European Union, which currently fears the lack of energy storage in the winter due to the reduction of Russian gas supply.
He said during a meeting attended by Iranian and Turkish officials: "If the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline turbine is not replaced quickly, the amount of gas supply in it may increase from 60 million cubic meters to 30 million per day." "Russia can launch the recently completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline."
He further mentioned the Western sanctions against Russia due to the attack on Ukraine and said: "Western sanctions aimed at putting pressure on Russia affect the price of oil in the world market and increase it.”We're hearing talk about a cap on Russian oil, that's going to push prices up a lot."
Putin has said before that it is impossible to cut off Russia's connection with the rest of the world and sanctions imposed by Western countries will not turn back the time of Russia's development.
Yesterday, the International Energy Agency warned about the fuel shortage crisis in Europe and said that this situation was caused by the reduction of gas exports from Russia to Europe.

Meanwhile, this week Klaus Müller, an official from the German energy department, warned that the country will not have winter reserves without Russian gas.
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