Publish dateThursday 11 August 2022 - 08:49
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Protesting money changers in Kabul burned the America flag
The money changers union of the country and hundreds of citizens protested against America and burned the America flag in response to the attack of the American drone on Kabul. They stated that they will stand against the aggressors.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Yesterday, Wednesday (August 10), the money changers' union of the country and hundreds of Kabul citizens reacted to the violation of Afghan airspace by an American drone with slogans of death to the occupier, death to America and long live the Islamic Emirate. They protested and trampled the American flag and set it on fire.
Money changers of the country claim taht targeting of Ayman al-Zawahiri is baseless and stated that the US president only made one claim and did not provide any evidence to prove his claim to the people of America and the world.
Meanwhile, Abdul Rahman Zarek; The spokesman of the money changers' union said: "You are witnessing that a few days ago, the American drone violated the territory of an independent, free and Muslim country in a very irresponsible way, and Biden also claimed that we killed the leader of Al-Qaeda."
He stated that the United States has not yet provided any evidence of the presence of the Al-Qaeda leader in Kabul to the world and the people of Afghanistan and the United States.
Stating that today our demonstration against this shameless act of America has started all over the country, he said: Today we unanimously declare our support for the Islamic Emirate, that this support is neither at the request of anyone nor under pressure from anyone. Rather, our patriotism requires us to stand against any foreign aggression.
On the other hand, Mohammad Yunus Momand; the head of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce said: The private sector of Afghanistan has declared its 100% support to the Islamic Emirate in order to ensure security in the country and will not allow anyone to encroach on the territory of Afghanistan.
He also stated that the countries of the world had started their cooperation with the Islamic Emirate; but America is seeking to isolate Afghanistan with its baseless claim.
However, Zahir Hajizadeh; One of the money changers also said: "It is very unfortunate that America considers itself the supporter of human rights, but it is occupying and killing citizens in all the countries of the region."
He added that America should have learned from the past that the people of this land are enemies of the occupiers, and we demonstrated against the thief America today.
It is stated in the resolution of the Union of Exchangers of the country that we consider the movement of the American drone in the air space of the country as a violation of international laws and we strongly condemn it.
The money changers union of the country has also warned the neighboring countries that allow the American plane to fly to the territory of Afghanistan and says that we consider this action of the neighbors as an act of anti-Islam and neighborliness and we warn them to be aware of such betrayal.
The officials of the money changers' union of the country also ask the security and air forces of the country to protect the country's atmosphere and neutralize the evil intentions of the aggressors in the bud.
It should be noted that the American air attack on Kabul has been met with national and international reactions and some countries have called it a violation of international laws.
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