Publish dateFriday 12 August 2022 - 13:22
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Spain transferred its Afghan colleagues from Pakistan
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain announced that 300 of their Afghan colleagues were transferred from Pakistan to this country along with their family members during the NATO mission in Afghanistan
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain announced that 300 Afghan citizens and their family members were transferred from Pakistan to this country.
Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarres said that this number of Afghans had worked with the Spanish government under the NATO mission in Afghanistan.
He told reporters that the government will work with these immigrants to integrate them into the society because it will be difficult for them to return to Afghanistan in the near future.
Like other western countries, in August of last year, after the Islamic Emirate regained control over Afghanistan, Spain evacuated some Afghans who had worked with Spanish troops and diplomats.
The country moved more than 2,000 people who were in danger out of Afghanistan during the evacuation mission.
Pedro Sanchez, the Prime Minister of Spain, said that his country will not lose its interest in the transfer of the number of Afghans who remain in Afghanistan and want to leave that country.
During the 20 years of NATO's invasion of Afghanistan, Spain had sent about 27,000 of its troops to our country, and 102 soldiers of this country were killed in this process.
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