Publish dateThursday 18 August 2022 - 10:14
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The tension between China and Taiwan/Taiwan
At the same time as tensions between China and Taiwan increased and Beijing launched a military exercise, Taiwan also unveiled its advanced F-16V fighters.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): This American-made fighter is equipped with missiles and is considered a more specialized type of the famous "F-16V" fighters.
Taiwan displayed these aircraft during an air exercise in Hua Lain area, in the east of the island.
According to Taiwan's announcement, this air exercise was carried out in line with "preparation for battle" and at an air base. This country had previously accused Beijing of exposing the "simulation of occupying this island" operation during China's recent maneuvers.
Beijing made these maneuvers in response to the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.
According to the announcement of the Taiwan Air Force, six F-16V fighters, two of which were equipped with missiles, took off on Wednesday night. Taiwan's military has said that the mission of these fighters was reconnaissance operations at night and training.
In the announcement of the Chinese Air Force, it was announced: "In the face of the threat of the recent military maneuvers of the Chinese Communist Forces, we have been vigilant."
This country has announced that it has succeeded in guaranteeing national security by implementing the idea of ​​"battlefields everywhere and training at any time".
While condemning China's actions in recent days, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense Spokesman Sun Lifang said that this situation provided an opportunity for Taiwan's forces to strengthen their skills.
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has said that the self-governing island does not want to "provoke China or escalate tensions with this country".
Taiwan has upgraded its fighter fleet in recent years. In this country, the fear of Beijing's military action has increased and its air force is also under constant pressure and China's repeated invasion of its airspace.
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