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Experts: true independence is freedom from foreign colonialism and internal tyranny; Independence is not possible without authority
On the occasion of the 103rd anniversary of Afghanistan's independence from British colonialism, a number of experts say that the people of Afghanistan were freed from foreign colonialism in 1919; but they fell to internal tyranny. People never tolerated the rule of foreigners; although governments are imposed on our nation; But after some time it was destroyed by people.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mashhad: Mohammad Ismail Ghasemiar; The former adviser of the Supreme Peace Council in the republican system, regarding the definition of independence and freedom, told Ava: If the authorities of a country can freely decide and implement their internal and external independence, then it can be said that they have independence and this independence It is on both domestic and international basis.
He further stated: In international independence, other countries recognize this country as a free and independent country, it is a member of the United Nations and enjoys equal rights like other countries. In terms of internal independence, the government should be able to perform its duties freely and without pressure from groups and parties in the affairs of the country.
 Independence is not possible without authority
On the other hand, Asadullah Heydari; In a conversation with Ava, the head of migrant affairs at the Afghan consulate in Mashhad said: "True independence is based on three characteristics, based on which a country should have political independence in foreign policy, economic independence at home and abroad, and military independence, that is, in providing It should be self-sufficient and its hand should not be extended to foreign powers and superpowers.
He continued: Whenever a country has these three options, power and sovereignty, we can say that it has true independence.
Regarding the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a completely independent country with these three characteristics, Asadullah Heydari said: The Islamic Republic of Iran is a country that has complete independence, and according to the slogan that Imam Khomeini (RA) said at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, neither Eastern nor Western, the Republic Islamic, in terms of political, economic and foreign policy, has been placed and acted in this direction so far.
In the end, he stated that throughout history, we have observed that a country's lack of authority and dependence on foreigners in front of colonialist countries only leads to humiliation and misery, and said: "If a country does not have authority, it should not claim independence, as we in Afghanistan, After America occupied the country and took power, we did not have the slightest independence and all the powers were at their disposal.
It should be mentioned that yesterday the anniversary of Afghanistan's independence was celebrated all over the country. The leaders of the "Islamic Emirate" emphasized in their speeches that now Afghanistan has achieved complete independence and is not dependent on any country.
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