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The UAE is planning to build the "Moon of Dubai" project
The United Arab Emirates plans to build the so-called "Dubai Moon" project as soon as possible. The Dubai Moon is a $5 billion moon-like resort that was designed over 48 months and will be 735 feet (224 meters) tall.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Dubai plans to have an artificial moon with amazing capabilities in the next few years so that it can attract many tourists to this city by building this annual project.
This 5 billion dollar tourist resort to be built in Dubai is called "Moon Dubai" and may become a reality by 2027.
The start of the ambitious project was first announced last year, and now one of the founders of the project has revealed that those behind the project are working hard to make it a reality.
The proposal for the design and development of this structure was submitted by Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson, and this project was designed to be built within 48 months and its overall height it will be 735 feet (224 meters).
In 2021, Henderson said in a conversation with Forbes magazine: This project will probably start in the United Arab Emirates or China instead of Las Vegas.
Matthews and Henderson, one of the founders of this project, said in a conversation with the Arab Business Magazine: "Dubai Moon will be the largest and most successful modern tourism project in the entire Middle East and North Africa region, and due to its global appeal, it will attract many tourists and can easily generate 10 million annually."
Currently, the founders of the project plan to implement a plan to display it in 2023, during which the moon program will be shown to regional license holders. Henderson said: "One of these exhibitions will be held in the MENA region, probably Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and other exhibitions will probably be held in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait."
He added: After completing the Mena regional permit process and choosing the exact location, a one-year pre-development program and then a four-year construction program will begin.
It is proposed that the Dubai Moon will be built and operated under the Leading Energy and Environmental Design Standard Gold License/Certification (a five-star standard).
The focus of the resort is on architecture, engineering, design and leading edge technology. The structure will also house a training platform for various space agencies and their respective astronauts.
Guests visiting the moon will be able to enjoy a natural wellness resort, a nightclub, event space, global meeting space, a lounge and an as-yet-undisclosed moon cruise.
The UAE is currently exploring opportunities in the exploration of celestial objects, the development of satellite communication technology and the application of the latest space technologies in terrestrial applications. Recently, the country earmarked $820 million for its ambitious space program, with initial plans to build a satellite.
To help visitors who cannot access Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk's space tourism program, this project offers a great opportunity to experience space tourism in a different way. In addition, visitors can plan to reserve one of the structure's 300 luxury and private residences, called "Sky Villas," which will be located in the upper part of the circle like the main building.
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