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In addition to strengthening the body, the youth should also strengthen the soul/ America has failed against the Islamic revolution in the last 43 years/ The youth should continue their education in applied fields
The General Director of the Tebyan Center for Social Cultural Activities emphasized at the ceremony of honoring the selected athletes of the Tabama Martial Arts Federation that young people should strengthen their souls in addition to strengthening their bodies and completing their higher education.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: About 70 athletes of the Tabama Martial Arts Federation, who have reached the top positions in the center's zone competitions, were honored on Wednesday morning (September 28) with a ceremony held by the Tebyan Center for Cultural and Social Activities. .
Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, the general director of Tebyan Cultural and Social Activities Center, praised Mohammad Saberi, the head of the Sports Council of "Tolo Pirozi" and said: "Mr. Saberi was one of the country's elites in sports fields, who is culturally oriented in this field. He has made a serious contribution and has really worked and is working sincerely for the growth and development of the young forces of the country.
Mr. Mazari added that this meeting was held in order to appreciate the young athletes selected in Kabul who worked hard and raised themselves compared to other athletes, and it was necessary that we should at least appreciate them in the field of language, advertising and media.
The General Director of the Center for Cultural and Social Activities of Tebyan continued by stating that man is made up of two pillars, physical and spiritual and said that exercise is a very useful and effective activity for human society because exercise is a tool for empowering a person and if a person's body is If his soul is strong, this person is considered a strong person.
Based on Mr. Mazari's statements; the strength of the human body is possible through exercise; that is, if a person regularly exercises in different disciplines, he will definitely have a strong body. But this strong body does not work unless it is next to a strong soul.
Mr. Mazari stated that the human spirit is strengthened by three things-beliefs, worship and ethics-, he pointed out that if a person has a useful and appropriate understanding in the field of study and beliefs, and from the point of view of religious beliefs, he makes himself strong and connected to It was God, man has a strong soul; But if a person is physically strong; But if he does not have a complete and strong belief from the spiritual point of view, this person will not be a strong person.
Mazari also added that no matter how much we are in the field of worship - prayer, fasting, payment of funds, zakat; totally attending to obligations and avoiding taboos; Dealing with the good and avoiding the bad, or enjoining the good and forbidding the bad - if we have a serious approach, we will have a strong spirit.
This religious scholar said: "The discussion of worship is very important in life, and worship strengthens both the soul and the human body; If a person who prays first time, prays well, with humility and humility and knows who he is standing in front of and what he wants, this person will be the strongest person in terms of spirit and if he has a strong body, he will be a great person. Now, if there are no divine prophets and infallible imams, peace be upon them; but he will be the one who will follow in their footsteps and will have a deep influence in the social scenes in life as a great person.
Mr. Mazari mentioned Imam Khomeini as an example and said that you should see Imam Khomeini, what was this person who had so much power and greatness, while he did not have material resources and money, as well as soldiers, weapons and atomic bombs. ; But because he was spiritually connected to God and the infallible imams, peace be upon him, this factor made him strong and effective.
Mazari pointed out that Hazrat Imam Khomeini (RA) created a movement in the gathering scene that after 43 years, this movement is getting stronger and stronger and the enemies of this movement at the head of America are getting weaker. If America has faced failure in various fields and its first failure was the gathering of the American Gendarmerie from Iran, and during 43 years, the Americans failed against this revolution, they failed in Iraq, they failed shamefully in Afghanistan, and now it has been a year since we got rid of the American occupation.
Based on Mazari's statements; these were due to the works and efforts of a person who was oblivious to the beauty of God in the field of worship.
He added that every human being, especially young people, who are still alive, is free from many pollutions. If they enter the field of worship, a person will become strong.
The general head of the explanation center called morality as the third factor of the power of the human spirit and added that if you have an opinion, you should also worship. But if you don't have morals, not only will you not influence the society in a useful way, but you will be rejected and you will not have any influence in the society.
Mr. Mazari added that if those who are interested become strong, both their body and soul must be strong, and a strong body needs exercise in order to stay healthy and become strong. But the soul becomes strong with these three factors - beliefs, worship and morals.
Stating that a strong body cannot be effective without a strong soul, Mazari added that no matter how strong a person is physically, but if his soul is weak, he cannot do anything. A cow can have such physical strength, what effect does it have? But on the other hand, if a person's body is not strong, you will not be able to do much with only a strong soul; Because it is true that if we are mentally strong, we may be able to play a role in the spiritual field and in the field of leadership in terms of words, slogans and speech; But we will not be physically efficient.
This political expert further pointed out that Afghanistan today needs people who are physically fit and have a strong spirit.
Based on his statements; If today Afghanistan is ruined and we are in a crisis for 43 years, also millions of people either became immigrants or were disabled and martyred, or we lost nearly 170 thousand people in the last 20 years alone, these were done by those who were healthy but they didn't have a healthy soul, they were people cut off from God, they didn't have right opinions, they weren't devout people and they weren't creative.
He added that if today Afghanistan is a very weak country in cultural, political, economic, military, security and other fields, unfortunately; Because the managers of this country and those who claimed to be leaders and those who were middle managers, those who were the managers of the country's administrative management system were not healthy people and they were not spiritually refined, strong and powerful people.
Mazari added: "The leaders of the country who came turned this country into hell. They only had human faces from a physical point of view, their hands and feet were healthy and their skeletons were healthy."
He reminded that if we want to save this country from this crisis, we need people who are strong in body and spirit. Because these two together can be effective for building this country, for making this country powerful, for bringing this country and its people to freedom, independence and Islamic government.
Addressing the young athletes, Mazari said: "You young people are one of those spectrums, groups and circles that if you work hard in this field, you will definitely become strong and powerful managers; Because you have worked hard physically, you are strong and healthy people, and you must be mentally strong, because you are Muslim children, children of Muslim families, your parents are Muslim, you are Muslim yourself, you must have worked in the spiritual field as well, and there is still room for Work in the spiritual realm.
In his speech, the General Director of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center emphasized to the youth that they must make efforts in the field of education as well. Because a strong body with a strong soul cannot solve problems without higher education and without nobility of modern science.
Based on Mr. Mazari's statements; Illiterate people, no matter how healthy and strong their bodies are, no matter how good their beliefs, worship, and good morals are, if they do not master the modern sciences, they cannot manage the country, and they cannot enter the right leadership of the country and lead the country. Get out of this.
Mazari told the youth that in addition to continuing their work in the physical field, in addition to making themselves strong in the spiritual field, they should also make a lot of effort in the field of education and learning and not let the opportunity slip from their hands and fail. Complete the educational stages.
He emphasized that if you have a diploma, you must pursue your bachelor's degree, if you have a bachelor's degree, you must pursue your master's degree, if you have a master's degree, you must pursue a doctorate; Both in the field of university and academic sciences and in the field of seminary sciences, and if you can't do both, divide them, some of you go to study seminary sciences where we need mullahs, managers and spiritual leaders, and your part go to the field of academic sciences and university
Mazari emphasized that if young people go to any educational field, they should also pay attention to their fields of study, that they are applied fields that can be implemented, exploited and benefited in this country.
According to his words; Unfortunately, during the past 20 years, our young people went to political science and law, international relations and the likes of these fields as much as they could; While these fields are not practical fields for our society, how many politicians do we have, how much do we need lawyers?!
He added that today we need geological experts, mining experts, industrial experts, agricultural experts, sociologists, psychologists and good doctors and young people should continue their education in practical fields.
Mazari pledged that the Tabyan Center serves these young people as the only active intellectual, cultural and educational organization in the country and region.
At the same time, Mohammad Saberi, the master of Tabama martial arts and the head of the Tolo Pirozi Sports Council, appreciated the action of the Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center and said that encouraging young athletes will encourage other young people to take up sports.
He further added that Afghanistan's sports have passed two difficult years and thousands of athletes have left Afghanistan after the quarantines due to the spread of the corona virus and also the developments in the country.
Based on Sabri's statements; The developments of the past two years have left an irreparable impact on the country's sports body, which can be cited as an example of the damage caused by these developments.
He expressed his hope that from now on he will be able to do good things in the direction of the development of sports in the country.
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