Publish dateFriday 30 September 2022 - 16:02
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Ankara: We are ready to negotiate to resolve the differences with Greece
Halusi Akar, the Minister of Defense of Turkey, says that this country is ready to resolve the differences with Greece through dialogue and negotiation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Turkish Defense Minister Halusi Akar said on Thursday (September 29) that Turkey continues its provocative actions.
Continuing his speech, he said: "Ankara will refer to international laws to achieve peace, and resolving disputes will be achieved through negotiations."
Turkish Defense Minister added: "Aegean Sea should be safe and its natural resources should be divided fairly and we are ready to resolve disputes with Greece through dialogue."
Greece and Turkey are fiercely competing in the military field, and both are equipping their armed forces, especially in the air sector.
Greece recently ordered 24 French-made Rafale fighters, 6 new and 18 second-hand ones, as well as three French frigates.
Greece also sent a letter to the United States to buy a squadron of F-35 fighter jets in June.
Greece and Turkey accuse each other of violating their maritime and airspace. Greece and Turkey also have differences in the field of energy and the issue of refugees.
In recent months, Turkey has increased its criticism of the deployment of Greek forces on islands in the eastern Aegean Sea. According to the "1923 Treaty of Lausanne" and the "1947 Paris Treaty", these islands must be demilitarized, so any deployment of military forces or weapons on the islands is strictly prohibited.
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