Publish dateTuesday 4 October 2022 - 10:03
Story Code : 259353
The first cargo of imported oil from Russia arrived at Torghundi port
Officials of the Islamic Emirate say that the first cargo of petroleum products from Russia has arrived in Torghundi port.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Officials of the Islamic Emirate announced the arrival of the first shipment of petroleum products from Russia.
This cargo has entered this important commercial customs of Afghanistan last Sunday (October 2).
Officials have not provided more information in this regard.
Meanwhile, recently Mawlavi Nooruddin Azizi, Acting Minister of Industry and Trade, announced the contract to buy oil and wheat from Russia.
Azizi told Reuters: The Islamic Emirate has signed a contract with Russia to buy petrol, diesel, gas and wheat.
The Minister of Trade and Industry stated that the Islamic Emirate is looking for diversity in its business partners and stated that the Russian government has given a discount to Afghanistan for the purchase of petroleum products compared to the global average.
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