Publish dateTuesday 25 October 2022 - 10:55
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Tel Aviv: The close relations between Russia and Iran are "very dangerous"
The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime has expressed concern about the rapprochement of relations between Iran and Russia and has described it as "very dangerous".
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Yair Lapid, the prime minister of the interim Zionist regime, has expressed concern about the rapprochement of relations between Iran and Russia and described it as "very dangerous".
In an interview with the Zionist Jerusalem Post newspaper, Lapid accused Iran of sending drones to Russia in the Ukraine war and said that Tel Aviv conducts daily assessments to review its positions regarding the Ukraine war.
The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime said: "Part of what we are doing is the very dangerous proximity of Iran and Russia."It's not something we ignore or do nothing about... So what we have to do is reassess daily and react."
He said that Tel Aviv is conducting close consultations with the US regarding the developments in Ukraine. Last week, Lapid spoke with the foreign minister of Ukraine about the war in that country. The Times of Israel reported that Lapid did not mention arms assistance to Kiev in that telephone conversation.
In the past days, Benny Gantz, the Minister of War of the Zionist regime, has repeatedly emphasized that Israel will not provide arms to Ukraine. Gantz said that although Tel Aviv will continue its support to Ukraine, "due to several operational considerations, it will not deliver weapons systems to Ukraine."
The positions of the Zionist regime have been raised after Dmitry Medvedev, the former prime minister and deputy of the Russian National Security Council, warned the Zionist regime about supporting Ukraine last Monday. He said that if Israel wants to support this country by sending weapons to Ukraine, this issue will have a destructive effect on Tel Aviv's relations with Moscow.
The statements of this Russian official came after one of the officials of the Zionist regime said that it is time for Israel to provide armed support to Ukraine, just like NATO members.
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