Publish dateWednesday 23 November 2022 - 09:58
Story Code : 261339
The arrest of 40 foreign nationals in connection with the recent disturbances in Iran
Iran's state news agency (IRNA) has reported, quoting the spokesman of the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, that the police of this country have arrested 40 foreigners, including two French people, in connection with the recent riots.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Iran's official state news agency (IRNA) has reported that 40 foreign citizens have been arrested in connection with the recent riots in the country, citing the spokesman of the judiciary of the Islamic Republic.
Masoud Satayshi, the spokesman of Iran's judiciary, said that the arrested people will be tried and punished according to the internal laws of the Islamic Republic.
Satayshi added: "40 foreigners who played a role in the recent riots and were even present in the square were arrested."
The spokesman of Iran's judiciary added: Two French spies were arrested, they are still in custody and the case is in the final decision stage.
This Iranian judiciary official stated: "The enemy's plan was to use the capacity of the people in the name of protesting against the institutions."
This Iranian judicial official has not revealed the identity of any of the 40 foreign detainees.
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