Publish dateFriday 25 November 2022 - 13:09
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The energy crisis in Europe/Italy rejects setting the gas price ceiling
As the cold weather is coming and the energy crisis is increasing and Russia's gas sanctions against Europe are continuing, Italy does not consider it sufficient to determine the gas price ceiling by the European Union and will reject it along with 14 other member countries of this union.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni yesterday (Thursday, November 24) called for urgent action by the European Union regarding the energy situation and said that her country is facing a very serious situation due to the increase in electricity bills.
The Italian Prime Minister, who made these statements at the annual general meeting of the Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI), addressed the audience and added: "Unfortunately, we have a "sword of Damocles" of expensive energy over our heads that drains our energy resources. The meaning of the Italian prime minister's metaphor of the "sword of Damocles" is the threatening energy crisis that has cast a shadow over Italy and all of Europe.
He further noted that the government's efforts to keep household energy bills low cost nearly five billion euros per month. At the same time, he added that proposals have been made to deal with the current crisis, but if the European Commission cannot act, it will be difficult to deal with these costs.
The European Commission recently determined the gas price ceiling and it is supposed to be implemented from January of the new year, but many European countries, including Italy, do not consider it sufficient.
"Gilberto Picto Fratin", Minister of Environment and Energy Security of Meloni's government, said yesterday on Thursday that 15 EU member states, led by Italy, have decided to reject the ceiling mechanism proposed by the European Commission.
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