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Seasonal occasions are a large part of Dari poetry
The head of the Poets and Writers Association of Balkh province says in the autumn poetry evening under the title "Pomegranate": a large part of the theme of some literary masterpieces written by Dari poets reflects the same natural beauty of seasonal occasions, especially spring and autumn.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: An autumn evening concert entitled "Pomegranate" was held by writers and the House of Culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the presence of young male and female poets, today Thursday (Dec 2) at the Ferdowsi Library in the center of Balkh province.
Saleh Mohammad Khaliq, the former head of information and culture and the head of the Free Writers' Association of Balkh province, says: In the thousand-year history of Dari Persian poetry, we do not know a poet who did not focus on the beauty of nature in his poems.
According to him, landscapes such as mountains, rivers, seas, plains, and mountains up to the four seasons of the year have always been prominent elements of imagination in poetry, among which spring is the season of splendor and growth, and in the second step, autumn is the reverse of spring and In our poetry, it is more vivid, while summer and winter are also used in poetic depictions.
Mr. Khaliq reminded that the two seasons of spring and autumn have great beauty at a glance, in addition to being a good ground for poetic themes, it also has very deep roots in the native culture of our people, and since the dawn of history, it has been the focus of Aryan beauty.
He added that the people of the Iranian Plateau held their two big annual festivals in these two time cycles during the old years, and our ancient calendars were divided into two halves, hot and cold. On the day of the descent of spring and autumn, they were separated and the beginning of heat, and by starting the autumn festival of Mehrgan, they announced the end of half of the year.
This prominent poet and writer of the country says: A large part of our poetry is also praise for these seasonal occasions, which makes the theme of some masterpieces of our poetic literature reflect these natural beauties of spring and autumn, and the autumn evening of poetry Anarestan has been held following the path of our ancient poetry and literature predecessors.
Rabia Hayat, who has recently turned to writing and poetry, expressed his satisfaction that after more than a year since the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, he was able to participate in the second poetry festival and says: Government officials in line with the culture of literature, poetry and writing. Young people should be given more attention without discrimination.
It is worth mentioning that the educational, scientific and cultural organization of the United Nations, UNESCO registered the Yalda night or Cheleh night as a common cultural heritage of the Aryans of Afghanistan and Iran.
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