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Lack of jobs is the only concern of graduates in Balkh
Newly graduated students in Balkh say that their only concern is the lack of job opportunities and they ask the government to provide them with work so that they don't have to leave the country but the government says that students should not worry about work.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: At the same time as the end of the academic year 1401, the students of different faculties of Balkh are celebrating their graduation in recent days. But the fear of not having a job field has reduced the happiness of their leisure time.
Graduated students say that they studied for years with financial problems and dozens of other challenges; But now after graduating, they are worried about the lack of job opportunities and don't know what to do after this.
They emphasize that if the government does not provide them with work, they will be forced to leave the country.
Dost Mohammad Shahi graduated from Balkh University journalism department. In a conversation with AVA, stated: In such a situation, without a doubt, the first concern of anyone who graduates from an educational stage is the lack of work and not finding a job.
Shahi said about the aspirations of a student who has just entered the university and the worries after graduation: We journalist students had a lot of enthusiasm, interest and motivation on the first day we entered the university, and each of us wished to contribute to our country and society through this profession. To serve ourselves, to be the voice of our people, but after the recent developments in the country, most of the motivations decreased, some of our classmates left the country, and some of us who stayed continued our way and finally finished the university.
He added: "However, not more than three days have passed since our free time that the majority of students are worried about what we should do after this?" What kind of job should we look for?"
This student asks the authorities to provide them with a working environment to prevent brain drain.
Besides this, Sadegh Rezaei; Other newly graduated students in Balkh also talk about their concern about the lack of job opportunities and ask the government to provide them with job opportunities.
Sharifa Saeedi graduated from Balkh University's Department of Economics. He also said: Before this, we used to go to school every day; But now that we have graduated, we are worried about finding a job and we don't know what will be our educational destiny.
Meanwhile, Zahra Alizadeh; The professor of Balkh University told AVA: Every year, the country's universities graduate a large number of students. But there are few job opportunities, which also causes frustration among young people.
Meanwhile, the local officials of Balkh say that the students should not worry and they will provide job opportunities for the graduates.
Noor-ul-Hadi Abu Idrees, deputy governor of Balkh, told AVA: We are working on a program to provide job opportunities for newly graduated people, and they should not worry, we will find work for them.
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