Publish dateThursday 5 January 2023 - 15:16
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Political experts say that America's support for Pakistan's military attack in Afghanistan indicates that the country's interests in Central and South Asia are tied to war.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: These statements of political experts are raised while the spokesman of the US State Department, Ned Price, supported Pakistan's military attack on the territory of Afghanistan and said that Pakistan has the right to carry out military operations on the territory of Afghanistan.
Najibullah Alizi, an expert on international relations, said in an interview with Ava that the US support for Pakistan's military attack in Afghanistan shows that the country's interests are tied to the war between Central and South Asian countries.
He added: By starting a war in Central Asia, America is trying to extend the scope of insecurity to China and Russia, therefore the leaders of Asian countries should not sacrifice their people for the goals of America and European countries in the region.
This international relations expert emphasized that if Pakistan conducts a military attack on Afghanistan, this country will suffer more than Afghanistan, because there are several groups opposing the Pakistani government and freedom movements in this country.
At the same time, Abdul Jamil Shirani, an expert on political affairs, said in an interview with Ava that Pakistan is a member of the United Nations, therefore according to international laws and conventions, it has no right to carry out a military attack on Afghanistan without any evidence and documents.
He added that Pakistan accuses the Islamic Emirate of harboring the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) without evidence and documents, while the TTP has safe havens inside Pakistan.
He added that if Pakistan has any evidence or documents about the presence of TTP in Afghanistan, it should be presented to the United Nations, otherwise the Islamic Emirate will stand against Pakistan's military attack with all its might.
This political expert pointed out that so far, the Islamic Emirate has not allowed any terrorist group to have safe havens inside the territory of Afghanistan and have carried out terrorist attacks against the countries of the world, especially the neighboring countries, from the territory of Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) announced last month that its negotiations with the Pakistani government have ended and asked its fighters to attack government targets in Pakistan.
Pakistani officials say the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has safe havens inside Afghanistan and cross the border to attack Pakistan, but the Pakistani Taliban have said they coordinate their attacks from inside Pakistan.
However, the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Emirate, in a statement, considered the recent statements of the Pakistani authorities about the presence of the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) in Afghanistan and a possible attack on them inside Afghanistan as provocative and baseless.
This ministry has added that Afghanistan is not without an owner, as always we are ready to defend the territorial integrity and independence of the country and we have better experience than anyone in defending our dear country.
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