Publish dateThursday 26 January 2023 - 14:18
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The unprecedented attack of Israeli soldiers on the Jenin camp; Hamas: The crimes of the Zionist regime will not cause terror to the resistance fighters
This morning, the Zionist military, with the direct participation of Israel's Intelligence and Internal Security Organization (Shabak), attacked the Jenin camp in the West Bank in an unprecedented manner. This attack has been met with resistance by Palestinian fighters and the clashes are still going on. In another event, the Islamic Jihad movement has announced that the crimes of the Zionist regime will not cause terror to the resistance fighters.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Palestinian media reported this morning, Thursday (January 26, 2023), the intense conflict between the Zionist occupation forces and the resistance forces in the "Jenin" camp in the north of the West Bank.
The Palestinian news site "Shahab" published this news and wrote: After the attack of the Zionist forces on the Jenin camp this morning and the clashes with the resistance forces, the sound of explosions and shootings was heard from this camp and the clashes are still going on.
According to this report, after the escalation of the conflict between the occupiers and the resistance forces, the Zionists prevented the medical and aid workers from entering Jenin to help the wounded Palestinians, and sent more equipment and military convoys to this camp.
Shahab wrote: Following this attack and the escalation of conflicts, the loudspeakers of the mosques in Jenin called everyone to confront the invaders.
As of this writing, clashes are still going on in Jenin, and media reports that a Palestinian youth named Ezz Salahat was shot dead by the Zionists and a number of Palestinians were seriously injured.
The pictures published from the Jenin camp show that the Zionists are damaging the cars of Palestinian citizens using bulldozers.
The Palestinian resistance force in this camp also announced that it shot a house where a number of Zionist soldiers had gathered and injured a number of them.
On the other hand, Palestinian sources reported that the occupiers attacked the Jenin hospital and even shot at the children hospitalized in this hospital.
Also, the Palestinian Ministry of Public Health announced that the Zionists fired tear gas at this hospital, which caused suffocation in a number of patients, including some children.
  The military correspondent of the Zionist channel "Kan" announced that an unusual operation is underway in Jenin and Shabak forces are directly directing it.
At the same time, the occupying media is reporting at least 6 Palestinian martyrs as a result of the unprecedented aggression of the Zionist forces on the city of Jenin and its camp.
Hamas's reaction to the execution of two Palestinian youths
Also, in another event, this morning, in response to the martyrdom of 2 Palestinian youths shot by Zionist soldiers, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement announced: The crimes of the Zionist regime will not cause terror to the resistance fighters.
Yesterday, Zionist soldiers shot and killed a 21-year-old Palestinian youth, Abdul Nasser Lalouh, near the Kodomim area in the north of the West Bank of the Jordan River. Muhammad Ali Abu Salah, a 17-year-old Palestinian, was killed by Zionist soldiers in the "Shufat" camp located in the north of occupied Jerusalem.
According to Iranpress, the Islamic Jihad movement said in its statement; Field execution of 2 martyrs by bullets of soldiers of the occupying regime; It is a heinous crime and the fascist and extremist cabinet of the Zionist regime is responsible for it.
This Palestinian movement has emphasized: The Palestinian people will not give up despite this open war and the destruction of the resistance fighters' homes and will stick to their resistance until freedom and victory.
The West Bank of the Jordan River and the occupied city of Quds have been witnessing daily armed clashes between Palestinian fighters and the army of the occupying Quds regime for the past months, and this regime has not been able to prevent the spread of these conflicts.
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