Publish dateSaturday 28 January 2023 - 15:29
Story Code : 264493
People of Bamyan protesting against the burning of the Holy Quran in Sweden
Hundreds of citizens of Bamyan Province, in response to the insult and burning of the Holy Quran in Sweden, protested and demanded an end to anti-Islamicism and insulting the holy things of Muslims.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Bamyan: Hundreds of religious people of Bamyan, today, Saturday (January 28, 2023), with slogans against the Swedish government, asked those who consider themselves to be defenders of human rights and freedom of expression, not to remain silent in the face of the insult to the Holy Quran.
Protesters burned the flag of Sweden and demanded the trial of the person who burned the Quran.
Mohammad Karim, one of the protestors, said: "The religion of Islam is the religion of unity and religion, and our coming to the protest square today is to prevent the desecration of the holy things of our religion and our Quran."
Jalil, one of the other residents of Bamyan province, said: "All religions are free in Muslim countries and have special respect. Followers of other religions should not insult people's sanctities."
Protesters in Bamyan say that Muslims not only do not consider such anti-Islamic movements to discourage people from the religion of Islam, but more than anything else, it provides the background for the unity of Islamic countries and Muslims.
By issuing a resolution, the protestors asked the international community to deal seriously with these outrageous behaviors and force Sweden to apologize through diplomacy.
The third paragraph of this resolution states: "We ask all Islamic countries to cut off their diplomatic relations with this country until they apologize and punish this criminal."
After the burning of the Holy Quran in Sweden, there have been widespread protests in the countries of the world, and in Afghanistan, people have started protesting in most of the provinces.
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