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Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran's ambassador and special representative in Afghanistan affairs, considers most of the crises and problems created in Afghanistan to be caused by the policies and destructive actions of the invaders and says that war in Afghanistan is not the solution and that different political groups must negotiate with the current government. Afghanistan to reach an understanding.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran's ambassador and special representative for Afghanistan affairs, said in an interview with TOLO News: The people of Afghanistan share religious, cultural, and historical interests with the people of Iran, which are the common interests of the two nations in the new conditions of Afghanistan. It should be linked in such a way that the situation that the invaders have created in this country for four decades, can complete the path of growth, construction and progress with the help of neighboring countries.
Referring to the rumors that more than 3,000 Afghan immigrants are deported from Iran every day, Hassan Kazemi Qomi said: "The rumors in cyberspace do not match the facts on the ground."
The Iranian ambassador in Kabul said: Six hundred and twenty thousand Afghan immigrant children study in Iran for free. Because the Supreme Leader's emphasis is that the children of people who entered Iran illegally should not be deprived of education.
Iran's special representative in Afghanistan said that most of the crises and problems created in Afghanistan are caused by the destructive policies and actions of the occupiers.
Kazemi Qomi added that no country has opened the door of cooperation to the Afghan nation as much as Iran, and one of the most obvious cooperations is hosting five million Afghan immigrants, despite the fact that Iran is under severe sanctions.
Iran's special representative for Afghanistan said: "If he had not been ignored in the Bin Emirate of Islami meeting, maybe the current situation in Afghanistan would have been different."
Qomi added that the amount of destruction that the invaders have brought to Afghanistan is so great that a strong unity must be formed in the new Afghan system to compensate for it.
Iran's ambassador in Kabul said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is not in favor of war in Afghanistan and that different groups should reach an understanding through dialogue with the current government.
He added that America suffered a military defeat due to the 20-year resistance of the Afghan people and was forced to leave Afghanistan.
Hassan Kazemi Qomi stated that although Iran has a long border with Afghanistan, it is safer than other common borders between Iran and other countries.
According to him, Iran has interacted and cooperated beyond that during the Islamic Emirate's struggle against America, and the solution to the current situation in Afghanistan is unity among the people of this country.
Iran's ambassador and special representative for Afghanistan affairs has also tweeted that he welcomes interaction and cooperation with the United Nations and playing a positive role in order to reduce the sufferings of the Afghan people.
Qomi added in this tweet that as a result of the consultations and in order to implement these cooperations, he has called for the formation of joint specialized committees with the United Nations in Iran.
It should be mentioned that before this, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kabul said in a tweet that Hassan Kazemi Qomi arrived in Kabul on Saturday (January 28) and was appointed as the new ambassador of Iran in Kabul.
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