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Afghanistan and the opportunities created (4); extirpate the culture of takfir
Another opportunity that has arisen in Afghanistan after the establishment of the Islamic Emirate is the accumulation of the culture of takfir. This culture was also brought by Westerners and after the occupation of the country by America and NATO allies and Muslim mercenaries.
Takfir culture in Afghanistan had two sides;
The first side was Salafi and Wahhabi thinking. The governments of the republic, with the plan of the westerners and their behind-the-scenes guidance, each in their own way by taking money and secret deals, brought this thinking. But in exchange, they allowed the agents of promoting and deepening this thinking in Afghanistan, present and established, to engage in various activities.
These agents worked in different fields. From the establishment of media, cultural and social activities, to the establishment of schools, and even the establishment of large universities, as well as the use of existing spaces in the country and the presence of professors promoting Salafism and Wahabism in public and private universities. .
This process of activity made tens of thousands of young boys and girls undergo training, graduate as experienced workers for the promotion and expansion of Takfiri thinking, and enter the circle of various activities in various scenes of Afghanistan.
This procedure caused the culture of takfir in Afghanistan to expand and deepen day by day.
The platform for the growth of Salafism and Wahabism was mostly the Sunni society of Afghanistan, and thousands of young men and women were familiar with this culture and were basically armed, and from among these forces, Takfiri terrorist groups recruited soldiers, trained them, and then hundreds of attacks. They organized a suicide attack against various government and civilian centers.
The second side; English Shia was and is the other side of the Takfir culture in Afghanistan. Although this side was not involved in movements and explosive and suicide attacks, but by promoting the takfir thought, it prepared important fodder for the takfir branch of Salafism and Wahabism.
On the one hand, the English Shias have not only widened the gap between the religious community of Afghanistan by entertaining the Shia youth with British-made religious nonsense and on the other hand, by promoting and deepening religious animosity and contradictions against the Sunnis, but also increasing the friction and conflict.
With the defeat of the United States and the expulsion of its forces from the country and the escape of its mercenaries from Afghanistan and the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, just as the culture of secularism was removed from the country, one side of the culture of takfir, which was Salafism and Wahabism, was also removed and since the establishment of the Emirate government Islamic, wherever there is a sign of this thinking and the factors promoting and spreading it are identified, it has been severely dealt with, including the ISIS terrorist group, which benefited from the influence of this thinking and strengthened itself from the point of view of the culture of takfir, with serious repression. so far dozens and even hundreds of the centers of this group have been dismantled in different parts of the country and hundreds of forces affiliated with it have been sent to their deaths, to the point where today it is a name and center and an indicative force related to Daesh or the Salafist and Wahabist thought in the form of They do not exist openly and clearly, and if they know about such thinking and the factors promoting it, the officials of the Islamic Emirate will definitely deal with it harshly and decisively, and although suicide operations have been carried out by this group and some foreign countries The neighbors and the US are trying to revive, strengthen and support this group, but with Note that there is no national platform on the one hand; In the sense that people seriously hate takfir and terrorist groups with takfiri thinking, and on the other hand, the security institutions of the Islamic Emirate deal with this trend with determination and firmness, there is no doubt that there is no future for the growth and development of takfir groups. Takfiri is not conceivable with Salafism and Wahabism, but so far we do not have a report of the Islamic Emirate's treatment and even strictness towards British Shiites, but the agents of this idea are more active than during the republic in the center, provinces and districts, especially the Shias and they have become more active, and of course, if this phenomenon is not dealt with, there will naturally be a factor of religious friction and the nationals of the country will be drawn towards religious animosity, the factor of division and general disunity will affect the national unity of the country more than in the past.
There are other interesting and significant opportunities that can be devoted to them, but these four opportunities, as the most significant and important opportunities after the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, were the focus of this writing series, and Allah willing, in the future. Other opportunities will be discussed.
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