Publish dateWednesday 1 February 2023 - 09:33
Story Code : 264718
The Israeli army increased its alert level for fear of Iran
Israeli media say that the army of this regime has increased its level of readiness due to the fear of possible retaliatory attacks by Iran.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Israeli media reported that following the attack attributed to the Zionist regime on a defense complex in the city of Isfahan, Iran and the attack on Iranian trucks carrying food and medical supplies inside Syria, this regime fears of Iran's revenge.
The Zionist channel "Kan" announced: In recent days, the security and military institutions have investigated the timing of Iran's retaliation.
These media have explained that this issue has definitely increased the level of alertness in Israel to deal with Iran's possible retaliatory attacks.
Rui Sharon, a military affairs analyst at Cannes, said: The Israeli army has raised its alert level for fear of Iran's retaliation.
He emphasized that one of the scenarios that should be considered is the launching of drones, mortars or missiles from Yemen, Syria or Iraq. Also, the use of suicide drones is one of the possibilities.
This increase in the level of preparedness in the occupied territories is done after the American officials have confirmed that the unsuccessful attack on the defense complex of the Ministry of Defense of Iran in Isfahan was the work of the Zionist regime. Also, the Zionist regime targeted trucks carrying food and medical equipment from Iran to Syria at the Bokmal border.
The Iranian authorities announced that the Zionist regime will see the result of its criminal actions, as it has received the answer for such actions in the past.
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