Publish dateFriday 3 February 2023 - 12:03
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The beginning of the American and South Korean air military exercise
At the same time as the start of a large-scale US-South Korean air military exercise, the Pyongyang government also warned that any US military action will be met with the strongest reaction.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The South Korean army announced the start of a joint military exercise between the country's air force and the US army this Thursday morning (February 2).
In this statement, it is stated that the aforementioned exercise was held with the aim of improving the interaction capability between the American and South Korean armies and shows the capacity of the alliance of the two countries to deal with the threats of North Korea.
According to the Reuters news agency, military fighters and aircraft of the two countries, including B-1 bombers, F-22 and F-35 fighters, are participating in this exercise.
At the same time, North Korea also warned in response to this exercise that any US military action against this country will be accompanied by the strongest reaction from Pyongyang.
North Korea's Foreign Ministry explained in a statement: "As long as America continues its hostile policy, North Korea will not be willing to make contact or talk with them."
According to "Yonhap" news agency, North Korea also threatened that countering the future military actions of the United States will be based on the principle of "nuclear weapon against nuclear weapon and all-out war against all-out war."
The statement also said: "If the US continues to import strategic [military] assets into and around the Korean Peninsula, North Korea will also make its deterrence activities more obvious without the slightest failure."
Previously, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced during his visit to Seoul that Washington will increase the deployment of advanced weapons such as fighters and bombers on the Korean Peninsula.
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