Publish dateWednesday 8 February 2023 - 14:04
Story Code : 265147
It is forbidden to transfer more than 5 thousand dollars abroad
The caretaker government of the Islamic Emirate has warned all merchants, money changers and carriers of precious and semi-precious stones that after this no one has the right to transfer more than five thousand dollars abroad.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The office of the Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate has issued a statement saying: "The amount of foreign currency that people can take with them through airports is 5000 dollars and from land borders is 500 dollars, and people who carry more than If they take the specified amount of foreign currency out of Afghanistan, they will be punished and imprisoned."
Based on this announcement: "Those who transfer more than one million dollars will be imprisoned for one year for every one million. Penalty for transferring less than one million dollars, one month imprisonment for every hundred thousand dollars. Those who take less than 100,000 dollars out of Afghanistan will be imprisoned for up to 10 days."
The announcement states that the money and gold obtained from the violators will be confiscated in the Central Bank until the Prime Minister sees fit.
The Prime Minister's Office asked the people to use Afghan money in their transactions and has banned the bringing of currency units of regional countries to Afghanistan.
  This ban has been announced while reports have recently been published about the smuggling of dollars from Afghanistan to the countries of the region and the entry of money from these countries, especially the Pakistani rupee, into Afghanistan.
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