Publish dateSaturday 1 April 2023 - 12:52
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The Zionists attacked the final of the Palestinian Football Cup with tear gas + video
During the match between the two teams "Jebel Al Makbar" and "Balata Center" in the finals of the Palestinian National Cup under the title of Yasser Arafat Cup, the Zionist forces disrupted the game by throwing tear gas into the Faisal al-Husseini Stadium located in Ramallah. . According to reports, some of the victims of this attack, including women and children, were taken to the hospital for treatment.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): According to Palestinian media reports, the forces of the occupying Quds regime stormed this stadium on Thursday night (March 29), while disrupting the holding of this match by throwing tear gas, causing the condition of a number of players and The fans, including women and children, will be destroyed.
Due to the brutal attack of the Zionist forces, the game was suspended for about an hour to examine the people who were affected by the tear gas attack. It is said that some of these people even went to the hospital for treatment.
Jibril Rajoub, the head of the Palestinian Football Federation, has announced that he will inform the World Football Federation (FIFA) about this matter, now it remains to be seen whether FIFA will react to this matter or not!
In another event of the Palestinian developments, the Islamic resistance forces in the West Bank managed to target the Zionist soldiers at a checkpoint in the north of Jenin on Friday night.
Anti-Zionist operations have increased greatly in recent months in response to the crimes committed by the Zionist regime in various areas of the West Bank; In such a way that the political leaders and military and security institutions of this regime admit their inability to deal with these operations and warn about its expansion.
According to Iranpress, the resistance forces managed to shoot at the Zionist soldiers stationed at the "Al-Jalmeh" checkpoint in the north of Jenin during the operation on Friday night. After this incident, the Zionists closed the checkpoint and prevented people from passing by.
The aforementioned attack occurs at the same time that local sources report a violent and armed conflict between Palestinian youths and the Zionist occupation in Al-Jalma village in the north of Jenin.
This is despite the fact that until now the Zionists were only involved in the south of the occupied territories and in the Gaza region with the Palestinians, but now the West Bank in the east of Palestine has become an ambush for the Zionists due to the armed forces of its youth.
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