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Allah emphasizes to support the oppressed and fight against the oppressor/ Quds Day should be widely celebrated in Afghanistan
The General Director of Tebyan Social and Cultural Activities Center and Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) stated that Allah has emphasized in the Holy Quran to support the oppressed and stand up against oppressors, and says that we are also obliged to support the oppressed people of Palestine and fight against the arrogant Israeli regime.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) – Kabul: Hojjat-ul-slam wal-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, the general head of the Tebyan Community Cultural Activities Center, said in a meeting with a number of active members of the Tebyan Center in Kabul: “We all have many duties in terms of the Quran and hadiths; But two tasks are more important than all others, which provides the basis for performing other tasks.
Mr. Mazari added that if we do not perform these two duties, the ground for performing other duties, especially the matters of worship and being Muslim and worshiping Allah Almighty, will not be provided in any way; because the enemy does not allow us to work and act easily on the way to reach Allah.
Mazari stated that one of these duties is to reach out to the oppressed, adding that there are various narrations from the Prophet of Islam and other infallible imams, peace be upon him, that we should pay attention to the affairs of Muslims, especially the oppressed Muslims, and if we care about the situation and fate of others Muslims should not care. According to the words of the Prophet of Islam and the infallible Imams, peace be upon them, we are not Muslims.
The General Director of the Tebyan Cultural and Social Activities Center, pointed to the second duty of Muslims and said: "The second duty is to fight against the tyrant and the enemy, and according to the clear verse of the Holy Quran, the enemies who have risen to fight against us, we also have a duty to fight against them."
Based on Mazari's statements; The battle is definitely not a military issue where we take swords and weapons and fight; Rather, battle and jihad have different and wide fields and we can use any field and any means for this battle.
Mazari clarified: "The Almighty Allah says that if you suffer thirst, hunger and various problems in the fight against the enemy, all of these will be rewarded and will be written as a good deed in your record, and one of those good deeds is to step and move.
According to the statements of this religious scholar; any movement that angers the enemy is a righteous act, especially stepping and moving collectively against the enemy, which marching and being on the scene collectively is considered a righteous act.
Mazari went on to say that today we may not be able to participate in the battle against global Zionism, and our brothers are present in Gaza in the operational field, they bear thirst, hunger and problems.
He emphasized that today all Muslims have a duty to pay attention to the discussion of the Palestinian people; Because the first issue of the Islamic world is the issue of Palestine, and if some biased and sick people say that we have so many oppressed and hungry people in Afghanistan, then the issue of Gaza does not concern us; Either he doesn't study and doesn't understand, or he is an agent of the enemy and creates disturbances to mislead the minds of Muslims.
Mazari clarified that although we have problems in Afghanistan, we have oppressed and oppressed people; but paying attention to the most important issue of the Islamic world has nothing to do with paying attention to the oppressed people of Afghanistan.
He added that we should pay attention to the oppressed and oppressed of Afghanistan and take care of all the country's problems. But our main concern today is the issue of Palestine that we hasten to help the Muslim people of Palestine and fight against the Zionist regime of Israel.
Based on the statements of this political informant; Israel does not only create problems for the people of Gaza, but today Israel is a cancerous tumor that has involved the entire Muslim world and if we have problems in our country, the Israelis are definitely involved, if in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and other Islamic lands. There is a problem, there is definitely an evil hand of the Israeli forces or an Israeli current.
He added that Zionism is a global problem and not only related to Palestine, and we must fight against this cancerous tumor even for the sake of securing our own security and suffocate the enemy inside his house and not let him get the opportunity to leave our land.
Mazari pointed out that these days Israelis in Central Asian countries -Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan- They appeared and want to enter other Central Asian countries, and if the Israelis settle in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan or the countries bordering Afghanistan, they will definitely cause more serious problems for us than now.
The general head of Tebyan Center added that we are obliged to fight and struggle with the Israelis inside their homes and even though we do not arrive and our brothers in Gaza do our work as our proxies; But we outside the occupied territories must do our duty and share the struggle of our Palestinian brothers and sisters by expressing disgust.
Mr. Mazari, referring to the background of the Tebyan Center in the establishment of the Quds Day ceremony in Afghanistan, said: "This year, Allah willing, we are trying to celebrate this day, we have talked with the Islamic Emirate to issue a permit and ensure the security of this meeting, and we are concerned because the security is more serious. Be that as it may, we wanted to do our duty in a closed community environment, Allah willing.
Based on Mazari's statements; However, this is not only a political work; But no Islamic act is separate from politics, praying, fasting, nights of qadar, rituals and all our functions are political and in the Holy Quran everything is political from the beginning to the end and there is nothing non-political in Islam.
Based on Mazari's statements; Politics is the management of society, and the enemy has misplaced this title among Muslims that a Muslim should not do political work; While there is no problem with non-Muslims doing political work no matter how much, and it is calculated that they are promoting this issue at the level of our society that some people with our literacy were deceived by this slogan of the enemy and were influenced by this slogan of the enemy.
He pointed out that our scholars have the duty to correct this view at the level of the Islamic society and to correct this illusion that the enemy has created among the Islamic society and make us pessimistic about the word politics in order to work and political activities.
In any case, commemorating the holy day is an act of worship that every step we take on this path will be considered as a righteous act.
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