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The final week of the quarter-finals of the European Champions League/ Bayern
In the final week of the quarter-finals of the European Champions League, Manchester City's football team became the opponent of Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the European Champions League by drawing against Bayern Munich and thanks to the victory of the first leg at home. Also, the teams of Inter and Milan faced each other in the semi-finals after defeating their opponents.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The match between Bayern Munich and Manchester City in the second round of the quarter finals of the European Champions League was held at 12:30 in the Alliance Arena under the referee Coleman Turpin of France. It ended in a 1-1 draw.
Of course, in the away match at Etihad Stadium in Manchester, City defeated Bayern Munich with 3 goals. Rodri, Silva and Holland scored City's goals in that match.
In this game, it wasn't even 20 minutes into the game when the home fans, instead of regretting the loss of early scoring opportunities, were shocked by the early dismissal of Dave Opamcano. They were lucky that VAR came to their team's aid.
Erling Haaland was about to get into a good scoring position on Kevin De Bruyne's pass when Dave Opamcano arrived and was fouled to stop him, a mistake that saw his compatriot Clement Turpmann receive a straight red card.
At this moment, the assistant referee reached Bayern and declared offside. Turpen, however, went to VAR for more certainty so as not to leave any excuses. Opamkano, who was staring at the referee with all his stress, was saved from an early dismissal by his new vote.
While the game was still goalless and the home team's attacks did not bring any results, Dayo Opamcano scored once again. He stood in front of Ilkai Gundogan's long shot and while hiding his hands behind his back, he suddenly opened his left hand right in the path of the ball to force the referee to announce a penalty.
In the 36th minute, Erling Holland scored a sudden penalty with a strong shot from the top of Bayern's goal. With a strong shot under the ball, he sent City's best chance in this match to the sky so that Bayern could breathe a sigh of relief and the first half ended with a goalless draw.
In the 57th minute, Holland got the ball on Kevin De Bruyne's pass and made a lightning escape to the opponent's penalty area. In front of Holland, there was Opamcano again, and the City striker hit him with a beautiful dribble and knocked down the Bayern defender with an unstoppable shot to open Jan Zimmer's goal in a one-on-one situation.
Bayern Munich finally managed to open City's goal in the 81st minute. Bayern won a penalty after Sadio Mane's effort and Akanji's penalty kick, and Joshua Kimmich equalized.
In the continuation of the efforts of 2 teams, there was no result and finally this match ended with a 1-1 draw. Overall, Manchester City managed to qualify for the next stage with Berti's 4-1 victory and became Real Madrid's opponent in the semi-finals of the European Champions League.
In the other match, Inter drew 3-3 against Benfica and thanks to the victory in the first leg, AC Milan's opponent became the semi-final.
The derby between Inter and Milan in the semi-final stage can be attractive to many.
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